The Best Places To Get Pizza Al Taglio In Rome, According To Local Experts

Pizza al taglio with Roman Colosseum
Pizza al taglio with Roman Colosseum - Static Media / Shutterstock

The Italian peninsula is home to several styles of pizza, from the round, pillow-soft dough bombs found in and around Naples to the thick, square slices that permeate the island of Sicily. Rome, on the other hand, is dominated by two styles: the thin, feather-light round pizza and the perhaps lesser-known pizza al taglio.

Translating to "pizza by the cut," pizza al taglio is baked in a large, rectangular pan, cut into long strips or rectangular pieces, and sold by weight. It's technically considered a street food, as it's typically sold out of hole-in-the-wall joints and frequently eaten on the go as a quick lunch or snack. Classic toppings include marinated zucchini flowers, thinly sliced potatoes drizzled in ribbons of olive oil and sprinkled with flecks of rosemary and sea salt, and a rich tomato sauce paired with dollops of mozzarella. While primarily a savory food, some places also sell the timeless sweet-and-savory pizza bianca con Nutella, a soft, lightly salted plain pizza generously stuffed with the chocolate-hazelnut spread.

In recent years, the pizza al taglio scene has gotten bigger, better, and bolder thanks to a burgeoning class of experimental pizzaioli who are revamping the style with innovative ingredients and flavor profiles — think fried artichokes, anchovies, and lemon-infused olive oil. Tasting Table spoke with six local experts, from respected food writers to popular online food bloggers, about their favorite places to get pizza al taglio in the Eternal City.

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Bonci Pizzarium

Bonci pizzarium pizza al taglio
Bonci pizzarium pizza al taglio - bonci_gabriele / Instagram

Gabriele Bonci is known around Rome as the man who revolutionized pizza. He opened his first locale, Bonci Pizzarium, near the Vatican in 2003, becoming the first Roman pizzaiolo to use only organic products and quality ingredients. In 2017, following his raging success in his native city, Bonci opened two establishments in Chicago and one in Miami.

Bonci's pizzas have developed a cult following among locals for their unique toppings. "Bonci is the history of pizza al taglio," Jacopo Mercuro, a local pizzaiolo at 180Grammi Pizzeria Romana, explained to Tasting Table. "He was the first to change the approach to pizza." Bonci's toppings often change based on seasonal offerings, but some examples include puff potatoes, chickpea cream, veal sweetbread, and fried artichokes, as well as cooked oranges, steamed pork belly, Silano cheese, and boiled spinach.

Bonci has since appeared in several T.V. shows and has earned nicknames like "The King of Roman Pizza" or "The Michelangelo of Pizza." He has also trained many of the city's new experimental pizzaioli, who, just like their mentor did 20 years ago, are changing the rules of the pizza al taglio game.

(+39) 06 39745416

Via della Meloria, 43, 00136, Roma

RUVER Teglia Frazionata

Cutting pizza al taglio with scissors
Cutting pizza al taglio with scissors - ruver_tegliafrazionata / Instagram

Housed in a hole-in-the-wall joint on Viale Aventino just mere steps away from the Circus Maximus is RUVER Teglia Frazionata. Opened in late 2023 by young Roman pizzaiolo Alessandro Ruver — one of Gabriele Bonci's protégés — RUVER has already won over hearts and stomachs with its rainbow of pizza offerings. "Maximum attention is paid to high-quality products, both in terms of dough and the seasonings. It's that place you want to keep secret so you can enjoy all its goodness alone," said Pamela Panebianco, the editor-in-chief of online Italian food publication Agrodolce.

Ruver has earned glowing write-ups in both Food&Wine Italia and the prestigious Italian food magazine Gambero Rosso for his carefully sourced flavor profiles and emphatic dedication to old-school pizza al taglio. "He chooses a thinner and crunchier crust, looking at Roman tradition, and uses carefully sourced ingredients," Luciana Squadrilli, senior editor at Food&Wine Italia and the co-founder of online pizza magazine Pizza on the Road, told Tasting Table. In particular, she highlighted his signature pizza, the RaguVER, an homage to ragù. The crust is soaked in a rich Chianina meat and tomato ragù sauce and sprinkled with parsley and grated Parmigiano Reggiano. Ruver further stands out from the crowd by selling his pizza in pre-cut rectangular slices rather than by weight, which, according to Squadrilli, is standard practice in Rome.


+39 366 44 29 714

Viale Aventino, 46, 00153 Roma

Lina - La Pizza In Teglia

Pizza al taglio with broccoli and sausage
Pizza al taglio with broccoli and sausage - lina_pizzainteglia / Instagram

Tucked away in a residential area of the Prati district, just a stone's throw away from Saint Peter's Basilica, is the understated Lina - La Pizza in Teglia. This spot is a standout for its pizza dough, as well as its menu that changes based on seasonal offerings.

This is a favorite spot of Lucrezia di Pancrazio, a local food blogger who runs the Instagram profile @italyfoodprnroma, which has over 200,000 followers. The pizza with pumpkin lard and gorgonzola cheese is her favorite winter menu offering, while the caponata pizza with roasted aubergine tartare, Taggiasca olives, and marinated red onion is her go-to choice for the summer. But that's not all; as she told Tasting Table, "I cannot fail to mention the latest release, which is with pancetta, grilled artichoke, and Taleggio cheese." Aside from pizza, Lina - La Pizza in Teglia also sells supplì (fried rice balls with mozzarella and tomato sauce), potato croquettes, and olive ascolane (fried olives stuffed with meat).

+39 351 774 7767

Circonvallazione Trionfale, 53, 00195 Roma

Pizzeria Sancho Dal 1969

Pizza con patate sancho
Pizza con patate sancho - pizzeriasancho / Instagram

As for old-school pizza al taglio, the restaurant Pizzeria Sancho dal 1969, as Lucrezia di Pancrazio told Tasting Table, is undoubtedly "an institution in Rome. All [of its] pizzas are incredible and super special." The family-run establishment is located just outside of Rome in the seaside town of Fiumicino, where fresh sea air and lovingly baked pizza go hand-in-hand.

The restaurant is a favorite of many pizza lovers, such as Giovanni Puglisi, a food writer and the founder of Conza Food Lab. He ranked Pizzeria Sancho as one of his favorites for its "ability to conjugate a level of utter mastery in the technical management of the dough with a playful and sinful attitude, both on the choice of toppings and toward the customers."

For Romans like Jacopo Mercuro, the pizza at Pizzeria Sancho dal 1969 is worth the traffic you must endure to escape the city. "Every Roman who loves pizza al taglio heads to Fiumicino for the Sancho family. The pizza with porchetta in a potato crust is poetry," he told Tasting Table. Di Pancrazio seconded Mercuro's opinion on the porchetta and potato pizza, adding that visitors should also try one of its many stuffed pizzas, such as the one stuffed with a breaded veal cutlet and greens tossed with mayonnaise.

+39 06 6580690

Via della Torre Clementina, 142, 00054 Fiumicino

Forno Da Milvio

Forno da Milvio pizza display
Forno da Milvio pizza display - fornodamilvio / Instagram

Forno da Milvio has been feeding Romans since 1930. Located in the hip, artsy neighborhood of Monti, the family-run establishment is located on Via dei Serpenti, a road shadowed by the impressive silhouette of the ancient Roman Colosseum.

The restaurant is a favorite of Elizabeth Minchilli, an author and blogger who leads day- and week-long food tours in Rome and around Italy. Conveniently located in Minchilli's neighborhood, Forno da Milvio is currently run by a handful of young Romans who use social media to promote their mouthwatering breads and pizzas with jokes, gags, and peeks behind the scenes. They're "part of a new generation that came into being after Bonci of Pizzarium," as Minchilli — who, between her TikTok and Instagram accounts, has over 500,000 followers — explained to Tasting Table. "[Forno da Milvio] is right in my neighborhood, and it's really great."

While it's perhaps primarily known for its pizza al taglio, Forno da Milvio also cooks and sells pasta and desserts such as classic tiramisù, and it's an ideal place to grab a quick bite for lunch. After all, what's better than eating delicious pizza in front of the Colosseum or while strolling past the ruins of the ancient Roman Forum?


+39 06 48930145

Via dei Serpenti, 7, 00184 Roma

Antico Forno Roscioli

Antico forno di roscioli pizza
Antico forno di roscioli pizza - anticofornoroscioli / Instagram

Roscioli is Roman royalty. The name doesn't encompass just one thing, but rather a string of operations, including a restaurant, salumeria, coffee and pastry shop, wine club, and — of course — its crown jewel: the Antico Forno.

Located just steps away from the bustling Campo de' Fiori in the heart of Rome's historical center, Antico Forno Roscioli set up shop in a 19th-century bakery in 1972. The restaurant is primarily known for its bread, baked cakes, and 5-foot-long slabs of pizza al taglio. Its arguably most popular pizza is also its simplest: la pizza bianca, a fluffy white pizza seasoned only with ribbons of olive oil and flecks of sea salt.

Roscioli's other pizza offerings include pizza rossa, another simple pizza lightly flavored with a brush of tomato sauce, and Elizabeth Minchilli's favorite: pizza con patate, pizza garnished with thinly sliced potato medallions aromatized with rosemary and salt. Although lines form often and early outside of Roscioli, the delicacies inside are surely worth the wait.

+39 06 686 4045

Via dei Chiavari, 34, 00186 Roma

Forno Campo De' Fiori

Chef brushing oil onto pizza
Chef brushing oil onto pizza - fornocampodefiori / Instagram

Dating back to 1880, this historic establishment is, without a doubt, one of the city's top bakeries. Selling a medley of cookies, breads, and — of course — pizza al taglio, Forno Campo de' Fiori enjoys a prime location right on the bustling Campo de' Fiori square. It's jam-packed with tourists and locals buying their groceries and enjoying a quick nibble at all times of the day, so don't expect a leisurely experience when you visit.

Often cramped and hectic (the real hallmark of any old-school Roman establishment), the bakery's lack of seating means that tourists must eat their pizza al taglio on the go, just like the locals do. The restaurant's pizza al taglio standouts are surely its pizza rossa and pizza bianca, which is Elizabeth Minchilli's favorite. She told Tasting Table that she'll often snag a slice or two for a snack or quick lunch while out running errands.

+39 06 68806662

Campo de' Fiori, 22, 00186 Roma

Pantera - Pizza Rustica

Pantera garbatella pizza al taglio
Pantera garbatella pizza al taglio - pantera_garbatella / Instagram

Pantera, meaning "panther," is a relative newcomer to Rome's increasingly trendy Garbatella district, known for its slew of inner courtyards, urban gardens, and distinct architectural styles. Opened in late 2023 by the two brothers behind the nearby natural wine bar Circoletto, according to Puglisi, Pantera is a no-frills joint freckled with soccer memorabilia. "Thin, crunchy, and pleasantly toasted, Pantera's pizza al taglio tastes and feels like a treasured memory straight from the late '80s," Giovanni Puglisi described to Tasting Table, adding, "With the slight difference that the toppings are farm-fresh and top-tier."

Slices with mushrooms, zucchini flowers, and wedges of potatoes are traditional standouts, and customers can also grab a local craft beer from its small fridge and supplì to go. ​"It's a new opening in Garbatella and a return of the rustic pizza, how it used to be. The red pizza with the salsa verde is a must," Jacopo Mercuro said.

Puglisi recommended trying its Coratella pizza, made with mixed lamb offal stewed with onions; its Trippa alla Romana, ox tripes cooked in tomato sauce and sweet mint and sprinkled with Pecorino Romano cheese; and its pizza topped with moscardini, or baby octopus.


+39 06 9500 8710

Circonvallazione Ostiense, 153, 00154 Roma

Casa Manco

Casa Manco pizza al taglio
Casa Manco pizza al taglio - dacasamanco / Instagram

Casa Manco is one of the 100-plus stalls that make up the Testaccio Market, located in Rome's old-school Testaccio district. The family-run stand is a go-to pizza al taglio spot for Elizabeth Minchilli, who visits for its "fancy toppings and really good dough." While its flavors change based on the fruits and vegetables available each season, such as figs and puntarelle, a couple of signature toppings are usually available year-round. "They do a pizza bianca [white pizza] with sesame seeds. Every time I have it is like, 'Oh my god, I'm glad they're not closer,'" Minchilli told Tasting Table.

Casa Manco's pizza is a favorite not just among locals but among tourists — it was even included in TripAdvisor's 2022 Traveler's Choice Awards. The stand's pizzas can be delivered around Rome via food delivery services such as Uber Eats, Just Eat, and Glovo. But that's not all — Casa Manco also sells a selection of beers, soft drinks, and wine, so you can wash down your pizza with your beverage of choice.

+39 06 8913 2652

Via Aldo Manuzio 66C Nuovo Mercato di Testaccio Box, 22, 00153 Roma

Pizza Chef Roma

Pizza Chef Roma four pizzas
Pizza Chef Roma four pizzas - pizzachefroma / Instagram

Owned and operated by Mario Panatta and Sara Longo, Pizza Chef Roma uses lievito madre, or sourdough, and high-quality ingredients for its pizza al taglio. "It's the place I'd recommend to those who want to experience Rome like a local," Pamela Panebianco told Tasting Table, adding, "The perfect dough combines softness and crunchiness, and the fillings are so delicious that you have difficulty choosing which ones to eat every time." Panebianco also noted that its fried foods — like supplì — shouldn't be overlooked, either.

The small establishment in the Appio-Tuscolano district of Rome recently underwent a renovation, "So now the ambiance does justice to the magnificent pizzas displayed over the counter on daily rotation," Luciana Squadrilli told us. She added that most of its ingredients are sourced from small, local producers. In particular, Squadrilli recommends sampling its pizza with zucchini, zucchini flowers, sheep ricotta, Cetara anchovies, and lemon-scented olive oil.


+39 06 8756 6046

Via Clelia, 63a, 00181 Roma

Lievito Francesco Arnesano

Pizza al taglio lievito pizza
Pizza al taglio lievito pizza - lievitopizzapane / Instagram

Spearheaded by young pizzaiolo Francesco Arnesano, another of Gabriele Bonci's pupils, Lievito Pizza Pane offers a more refined take on the traditional pizza al taglio. It's the kind of place you go when "you want to taste something unique," Pamela Panebianco explained. "The millimetric balance between a dough with an unbeatable texture and a topping that makes you hungry even by just looking at it is the key to its success."

Arnesano's establishment is small but sophisticated and located in the EUR borough of Rome, a business and residential district known for its Fascist-era architecture. Arnesano's dough is feather-light and has just the right amount of crunch, according to Luciana Squadrilli. Additionally, the restaurant's toppings rotate both daily and seasonally based on seasonal vegetables, edible flowers, and fresh fish such as mazzancolle (aka caramote prawns). A standout for Squadrilli was Arnesano's pizza with veal terrine, locally sourced citrus-scented yogurt, grilled orange, and mixed wild greens.

But Arnesano's talents don't stop at pizza. In 2023, he launched a bakery where he also makes and sells bread, cookies, and seasonal pastries including Panettone and Colomba, which Squadrilli said "are not to be missed."

+39 06 6936 3592

Viale Europa, 339, 00144 Roma

La Renella Antico Forno Trastevere

La Renella Antico Forno Trastevere
La Renella Antico Forno Trastevere - renella_trastevere / Instagram

Tucked behind Rome's iconic Piazza Trilussa in the nightlife district of Trastevere, La Renella has been baking pizza, bread, and cookies since 1870. Small and unassuming, the family-run establishment is dominated by a slew of ovens and a long glass display case featuring its many mouthwatering pizza al taglio options. "I feel like they're an old-fashioned Italian pizza place," Elizabeth Minchilli told Tasting Table. "Not fancy at all, and very old-fashioned passivity. But their pizza is really good."

A popular spot on weekend nights for both locals and tourists seeking a delicious (and affordable) meal to soak up the night's revelries, La Renella is undoubtedly a Roman stalwart. It does old-school pizza al taglio toppings like potatoes and zucchini flowers the best, but don't forget to try one of its many homemade breads, which can be delivered fresh from the oven to your door (or hotel).


+39 06 581 7265

Via del Moro, 15, 00153, Roma

Supplì Roma

Supplì Roma marinara pizza
Supplì Roma marinara pizza - Supplì Roma

Although it's primarily a supplì spot (as evidenced by its name), Supplì Roma also makes pizza al taglio so good that it's one of Elizabeth Minchilli's favorite spots. She told Tasting Table that whenever she's in the Trastevere area, she stops by for a slice of its Marinara pizza. "It's so good. It's like pizza rossa [red pizza], but it's a little more saucy," she explained. The restaurant's other pizzas — which include funghi porcini, cacio e pepe, and a mix of bresaola, rocket salad, and shrimp — shouldn't be missed, either.

A truly versatile establishment, Supplì Roma also makes calamari fritti (aka fried calamari rings), various kinds of pasta, eggplant parmigiana, and potato croquettes. Its supplìs, the undoubted stars of the show and the perfect complement to any pizza al taglio, are stuffed with amatriciana, cacio e pepe, or carbonara. Its arancini, typically a Sicilian street food, can be stuffed with mushrooms or eggplant. No matter what kind of food you feel like, you'll be spoiled for choice at Supplì Roma.

+39 06 5897110

Via di S. Francesco a Ripa, 137, 00153, Roma


Two boxes of pizza al taglio
Two boxes of pizza al taglio - Asia London Palomba / Tasting Table

The author of this article is a native Roman. She found certain sources online on Instagram — such as Elizabeth Minchilli and Lucrezia di Pancrazio, bloggers whom she has followed for years — and reached out to her local, personal contacts to find the best voices for this article.

Tasting Table balanced voices from food writers, food bloggers, and those personally involved in the pizza business, such as the pizzaiolo Jacopo Mercuro, to gather a diverse range of opinions. Interviews were conducted in both English and Italian and took place over the phone, via email, and via Instagram.

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