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The best pickleball sets of 2023: Paddles, balls, nets and more

Get a starter set for as little as $40 or a complete setup, net and all.

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Ready to see what all the pickleball fuss is about? Good call: This massively popular game is the fastest growing sport because it’s easy to learn even for beginners, it’s fun to play once you hit the sweet spot, and it’s a pretty good workout at all skill levels. Plus, unlike some sports (looking at you, skiing), it's very affordable. All you need is a pickleball paddle and some friends, although just the former is sufficient: Find a neighborhood court and you can jump right into the rotation of pickup games. New friendships will ensue. (I'm speaking from experience here. Pickleball players are the best.)

Quick overview
  • Best beginner paddle set

    Amazin' Aces Pickleball Paddles Set (Wood)

  • Best budget paddle set

    YC DGYCASI Graphite Pickleball Paddles Set of 2

  • Best set for dink practice

    Franklin Half Court Pickleball Net with 2 Paddles, 2 Balls

  • Best conversation-starter paddles

    Vinsguir Pickleball Paddles Set, Graphite, USAPA-Approved

  • Best paddles for a foursome

    Olanny Pickleball Paddles Set of 4

  • Best overall complete pickleball set

    Skyular Portable Pickleball Set with Net

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For those unfamiliar with the game, pickleball combines elements of tennis and ping-pong, with some volleyball-style scoring thrown in for good measure. (Actually, scoring is arguably the hardest thing to learn. Even after a year of playing, I still have to remind myself how it works.)

Not sure what gear to get? Below, I've rounded up my picks for the best pickleball sets, a couple of them equipped with portable nets so you can practice or even play just about anywhere. Some of the best overall picks are based on overwhelmingly positive customer reviews; others I've chosen from personal experience. Now get out there and have fun! This game is about to change your life.

A couple gets ready for some singles pickleball play.
Some pickleball sets come with everything you need, including the net. (Handsome couple and private court sold separately.) (Photo: Zeny)
Amazin' Aces
If you're a newcomer and don't want to spend a lot upfront, the Amazin' Aces set serves up four paddles for just $40. (The list price is a bit higher, but the "sale" has been running for over a year now). You also get four balls and a mesh carrying case for them, although you'll have to find your own bag for the paddles. Note that while the user ratings are overwhelmingly positive, some of them apply to other sets.
$50 at Amazon
Never mind the inexplicable alphabet-soup branding; this is the starter pack I chose over a year ago when I was new to pickleball, and it has served me extremely well. The grip and paddle surface are holding up nicely, and the paddle itself has survived a few "love taps" on the court (unforced errors, argh!). The set includes a zippered carry bag and four balls: two indoor, two outdoor. If you're a beginner to the game but plan to become a serious player, this is a great choice, because it fits all skill levels. Note that there are often coupons or price drops that bring the set closer to $40.
$77 at Amazon
Franklin Sports
Got a paved driveway? An open chunk of parking lot? You can practice your dinks just about anywhere with this set, which includes not only a pair of paddles and tournament-approved balls, but also a collapsible half-width net. I purchased the latter separately; it snaps together and comes apart fairly easily, but I wish it had a duffle for easier storage. Still, if you're serious about learning and practice, this is a great option.
$70 at Amazon
Most paddles are pretty boring, visually speaking. If you're an art-minded player or just want something with a little flair, choose one of the five incredibly cool designs offered by Vinsguir. (The one shown here is Cartoon Doodle.) Thankfully, these aren't just form without function: The paddles are USAPA-approved, so you're ready for the tournament circuit. The set also includes four balls and a carry case. User ratings: overwhelmingly positive.
$46 at Amazon
Best paddles for a foursome

Olanny Pickleball Paddles Set of 4

Want to get the whole family involved? Olanny's set includes four paddles instead of the usual two, and each one is a different color so it's easy to tell whose is whose. You also get six balls (three indoor, three outdoor) and four replacement grips (though these are described as "soft" grips and there's no explanation as to what that means). I especially like the inclusion of a full-size duffle bag that can hold everything in the set. Note that for the same price, Olanny offers similar sets with a few minor differences (paddle design, ball colors, etc.). All of them collectively earned a very high rating from Amazon customers.
$80 at Amazon
Best overall complete pickleball set

Skyular Portable Pickleball Set with Net

You supply the court; this set has literally everything else you need: four paddles, four balls, line markers, a full-size net and carrying cases for all of it. I've seen similar sets that cost less, but for some reason they all come with wood paddles. If you're serious about the game, you'll quickly outgrow those.
$235 at Amazon

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