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The best Mother's Day flowers to order online in 2024 — get yours before it's too late!

I tested eight different online flower delivery services to find the best bouquets for Mom.

a blue background with two flower bouquets
Flowers are an easy win — and these bouquets from 1-800-Flowers, Farmgirl Flowers and The Bouqs Co. are the best of the best. (1-800-Flowers, FTD)

Your mom deserves the best — and that rings true for the Mother's Day flowers you'll inevitably send her. That's right, even the mom who says she doesn't want any Mother's Day gifts will happily receive a bouquet of fresh blooms. Herein lies the problem: You don't want to run the risk of sending an arrangement that has seen better days, especially on an occasion as special as Mother's Day. To avoid disappointment in the form of droopy, sad flowers, go with one of these tried-and-tested online flower delivery services instead. Flowers ship fast, which is good for procrastinators who still haven't locked down a gift for Mom. But these other last-minute Mother's Day gifts we found ship fast too.

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As someone who has sent her mom her fair share of flowers over the years, I know the pressure of picking the right bouquet all too well. That's why I've taken matters into my own hands and put eight of the top flower delivery services to the test in the weeks leading up to Mother's Day. My goal: To find the best Mother's Day flowers that aren't just beautiful, but worthy of the moms, mothers-in-law and grandmas that matter most.

Chances are, you won't receive a Mother's Day bouquet that looks exactly like what you ordered online. This is to your (and, well, your mom's) benefit, though. All of these online flower delivery services prioritize freshness and quality over color and flower selection. 1-800-Flowers, for example, uses local florists to fulfill orders, which means flower varieties may differ by location. That means there's never a guarantee that it'll be identical, but rest assured, it'll still be eye-catching.

Amanda Garrity/Yahoo Life/1-800-Flowers

Flower variety: Roses, Limonium, mums and Matsumoto asters | Features: Arrives in a glass cube vase

1-800-Flowers brought the wow factor with this pink and purple mix. It actually looked nearly identical to the pictures online, which is a rare feat especially since they have a disclaimer on their site saying that local florists often have to use “substitute flower types, colors and containers to give you the freshest blooms available.” In fact, you can tell it was made with love and care (another one of 1-800-Flower’s claims): The stems were fresh, full and, well, full of life. No drooping leaves, no browned edges, just a bunch of beautiful blooms.

The only downside is that I looked into sending the same arrangement to my mom for Mother’s Day, but it was unavailable in her area. It's a bit of a bummer, but at least they have a wide selection to choose from!

A note on delivery: Delivery dates vary by location. It may pay off to get your Mother’s Day bouquet delivered early — there’s an additional charge for deliveries between May 10 and 12.

$80 at 1-800-Flowers
Amanda Garrity/Yahoo Life/The Bouqs Co.

Flower variety: Tulips | Features: Get a subscription and save up to 30% 

The name says it all: These pink and purple tulips are a complete knockout. And if you want to give Mother's Day flowers that scream “spring,” then tulips are a no-brainer. I went with the original size with 16 stems and the bouquet filled out my pearly-white vase perfectly (and yes, you can add this exact vase to your order for an extra $20). When it comes to tulips, remember that it’s important to trust the process: Some of them may be droopy when you first stick them in the vase, but with a fresh cut and water, they’ll perk right back up.

As long as you follow the care instructions to a tee, these blooms can last for close to two weeks (mine did!). I cut the stems at an angle upon arrival and changed the water every other day to maximize their life.

A note on delivery: Next-day delivery is available. Saturday deliveries cost an extra $12, and keep in mind that The Bouqs Co. won’t deliver bouquets on Mother’s Day or the Monday after.

$59 at The Bouqs Co.

Flower variety: Lilies, roses, anemones and ranunculus | Features: Arrives burlap-wrapped and hand-tied

My mom has been talking about her Valentine’s Day bouquet from Farmgirl Flowers since the day it arrived on her doorstep — need I say more? On the off chance that it was a one-time deal, I got my hands on one of their most popular Mother’s Day bouquets, aptly named Big Love. It arrived in their charming signature burlap, but it was the 35 (!) sunshiney stems that really caught my eye. The arrangement was bursting with color and life — there were lilies waiting to reveal themselves, peachy-pink roses in all their glory and just the right amount of greenery sprinkled in.

At $105, the price of these blooming beauties is steeper than some of the other picks on this list, but rest assured, the special lady in your life will be talking about them long after they wilt. My mom is all the proof you need.

A note on delivery: Next-day delivery is available for most locations. Farmgirl Flowers doesn't deliver on Sundays (including Mother's Day) and Mondays. 

$105 at Farmgirl Flowers
Amanda Garrity/Yahoo Life/Fresh Sends

Flower variety: Roses, carnations, snapdragons and chrysanthemums | Features: Comes with a custom card with the option to add a video or voice message for an extra $3

This is my first (and certainly not my last) Fresh Sends delivery. I’ve seen the unboxings all over my Instagram feed, so I was eager to get my hands on a bouquet and see if it was worth the hype. Spoiler alert: It was. The bouquet arrived wrapped in their signature “newspaper” and the box itself was decked out with flower designs and sweet messages (like “seen, known, loved” on the inside flap). It arrived 24 hours after I placed my order, and the freshly picked blooms reflected that.

With Fresh Sends, you get more than a bouquet; you get an experience that, as they say, aims to “freshen up the cookie cutter gifting industry.” The only thing: There aren’t as many flower options as other services, so if Mom loves a particular type of bud or blossom, you might have to shop elsewhere. But if she’s the type who appreciates the finer things in life, then the packaging alone will be a win in her book. Plus, you can also tack on small add-ons like a Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate bar or the brand’s signature perfume for an added cost.

A note on delivery: The Mother’s Day Send will only be delivered from May 7 to 11. Shipping prices may vary by location and the desired delivery date — for example, it’s $35 to ship the flowers on May 11 as opposed to $25 the day prior.

$55 at Fresh Sends
Amanda Garrity/Yahoo Life/BloomsyBox

Flower variety: Gerber daisies, roses and salvia | Features: Comes with a Mother’s Day postcard

A couple of years back, I gave my mom a three-month subscription to BloomsyBox and it was perhaps one of the best gifts I’ve ever given (her words). At the time, she raved about how fresh the flowers were. It makes perfect sense, though: BloomsyBox ships flowers directly from the farms where they are picked, which means they arrive within days of being cut.

The same can be said for these Mother’s Day flowers. While the greenery overpowered the flowers just a bit, the bold blooms that shined through were as farm-fresh as it gets. Not only did they look the part, but I could smell the roses before I even cracked open the box.

A note on delivery: Pay an extra $20 for all Saturday deliveries. Like other online flower delivery services, BloomsyBox doesn’t deliver bouquets on Mother’s Day or the Monday after.

$80 at BloomsyBox
Amanda Garrity/Yahoo Life/UrbanStems

Flower variety: Roses, spray roses, mini calla lilies, hypericum and ruscus | Features: Pair it with a vase or add-on gift for an additional cost

You know what Mom could really use on Mother’s Day? Some alone time to bask in the beauty of these blush-toned roses and calla lilies. Some of the roses looked a bit weathered upon arrival, but they came back to life with a little water and sunshine. Just be sure to take off the guard petals (the light-colored petals with spots) before worrying about the state of your blooms (lesson learned).

The flowers make a statement, but so does the included door tag that reads “Leave Mom Alone.” Fitting, don’t you think?

A note on delivery: Mother’s Day delivery is available, but it will cost you. Hand-deliveries in metropolitan areas cost $25, but it could be up to $30 nationwide. Save by getting flowers delivered a day early.

$85 at UrbanStems
Amanda Garrity/Yahoo Life/FTD

Flower variety: Daisies, lilies and lavender | Features: Add a glass vase for an extra $9

Lillies and lavender come together in this fragrant Mother's Day bouquet. The lilies were still in bud form upon arrival, but that’s a plus since I got to watch them bloom right before my eyes. This is all part of FTD’s guarantee that “bouquets are fresh and will last at least seven days.”

It was rather understated compared to, say, the extravagant display from Farmgirl Flowers or 1-800-Flowers, but it proved something we all know to be true: Sometimes simple and straight-forward is the way to go — especially if you don’t want to break the bank.

A note on delivery: Due to high volume, deliveries leading up to Mother’s Day may have an extra fee. Bouquets shipped in a gift box (like this one!) likely won't be delivered on Mother’s Day or the Monday after, but select florist-delivered bouquets will. 

$72 at FTD

Floral Compass: A farm-fresh bouquet that you can score with Amazon Prime? I was impressed with the quality of this mixed assortment, especially given the price point. There aren't any extras here — you can't add a vase or additional gifts — but the stunning stems will speak for themselves. Psst, you can include a custom message if you select "This is a gift" during checkout.

I examined bouquets from eight different services for the following:

  • Wow factor: Will this bouquet surprise and delight her? Or better yet, is there a good chance she’ll call you to tell you just how beautiful it is? Of course, I know that beauty is subjective, but I tried my best to put my personal preferences aside and examined each bouquet at face value.

  • Freshness: How did the flowers look upon arrival — and if they looked a bit sad, did that change with some water and sunshine?

  • Packaging and Presentation: Were the flowers hand-delivered or shipped in a box? If they arrived in a box, were they wrapped and protected? Were there any special touches in the box that stood out from the rest?

  • Value: Simply put, are these flowers worth the money, especially when factoring in shipping costs?

You know your mom best. If she has a favorite flower type, then go all in and find a bouquet that includes them. If she’s down for something new (or, let’s face it, just wants something pretty), then you can’t go wrong with tulips, peonies, roses or carnations — all of which symbolize love in its many forms. Carnations should be mixed in regardless because they’re the official flower of Mother’s Day! Who knew?

A flower’s lifespan starts long before it hits your mom’s doorstep. Even so, there are a few things you can do to extend their life. Rachel Cho, the CEO of the New York City-based Rachel Cho Floral Design, recommends trimming the stems at an angle upon arrival and changing the water daily. And you know that flower food packet that comes with every bouquet? “Add a dash for each water change,” Cho tells Yahoo. But if your mom accidentally tossed hers (been there, done that), “a drop of bleach and a dash of sugar can also help.” Another rule of thumb: “The cooler the temperature is, the longer the flowers will last.” That means she should keep them away from windows, particularly sunny spots or heaters.

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