Everything you need for the perfect manicure at home

Maisie Bovingdon
Shopping writer
How to do your own manicure at-home. (Getty Images)

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Everyone enjoys a pamper, but sometimes getting to the salon can be difficult, and lets not forget costly too.

This means staying on top of our manicures, whether it is when our shellac has chipped, or a false acrylic nail has pinged off, can be quite troublesome.

So why not bring the nail bar to you?

There are a whole host of gadgets to help you perfect the perfect mani-pedi, which won’t break the bank - and you don’t have to be an expert technician to pull it off.

While some may prefer a simple kit with the basic essentials, such as polish, a nail file and buffer, others may want to put their steady hand to the test.

Good news - beauty enthusiasts can buy UV lamps, as well as gel polish to recreate the full salon experience and achieve a longer lasting finish.

Then there’s the issue of removing the various coats later on, which isn’t as bad as some may think.

Beauty experts urge people not to peel off their nail varnish, or false nails, as it damages the nail, which is why an acetone remover is an essential to stock up on.

From nail kits, to polish, files and other manicure tools, we have found the essentials to help you achieve the perfect manicure.

Shop the top-rated nail kits

Le Mini Macaron Gel Manicure Kit | £34.99 from Look Fantastic

Le Mini Macaron Gel Manicure Kit

Whether you want to perfect your manicure at home or on the go, this set ticks all the boxes.

Le Mini Macaron set includes all of the essentials for a gel manicure, from the nail file, to remover pads, gel polish and a mini LED lamp that can be plugged into a USB port.

Rio Quick Dip Acrylic Nail Extensions | £19.99 from Look Fantastic

Rio Quick Dip Acrylic Nail Extensions

For those who prefer acrylic nails, and nail extensions, the Rio Quick Dip set is the top rated product.

The set comes with 20 acrylic nails so you can get through two full manicures, as well as acrylic powder, resin, nail files, and a 2-in-1 nail polish, as well as much more.

Teenitor Nail Polish Gel Remover Tools Kit | £14.08 from eBay

Teenitor Nail Polish Gel Remover Tools Kit

Prior to changing up your manicure you will need to remove any remnants of the manicure before, which is where the Teenitor Nail Polish Gel Remover Tools come in.

The kit comes complete with nail remover pads, a selection os files, as well as brushes, a buffer and cuticle pusher, plus 10 nail clips to help the solution break through stubborn polish.

Mylee Complete Professional Gel Nail Polish LED Lamp Kit | £65 from Mylee

Mylee Complete Professional Gel Nail Polish LED Lamp Kit

For those who want to up the ante the Mylee Complete Professional Gel Nail Polish kit covers all bases.

The set includes a Mylee Pro UV lamp to dry and set your manicure, plus there is a selection of tools to prep your nail and nail bed, as well as polishes and cuticle oil for once your pampering is complete.

Sensationail Starter Kit Raspberry | £49.99 from Boots

Sensationail Starter Kit Raspberry

For those who want to venture into the world of shellac and gel manicured, the Sensationail Start Kit may be the one for you.

It comes with a gel cleanser, primer, polish as well as an LED lamp. Customers can’t rate the product high enough, with some hailing it “the best” nail kit.

7 Piece Manicure Set | £12 from John Lewis & Partners

7 Piece Manicure Set

A manicure doesn’t always mean you have to paint your nails or have extensions, as a simple cut, file and buff is also popular.

The seven piece set includes scissors, nail clippers for toes and fingernails, as well as a cuticle trimmer and pusher.

While some may stop after they’ve preened their talons, for others it will provide the base on which a colour polish may be applied.

OPI Infinite Shine Prostay Primer and Gloss Duo Pack | £22.32 (Was £24.80) from John Lewis & Partners

OPI Infinite Shine Prostay Primer and Gloss Duo Pack

For those looking to give themselves a DIY manicure, a base and top coat are a few of the basic essentials.

The OPI primer is applied first, so any colour brushed on the nail after glides on smoothly, before a high shine gloss is added for a professional salon finish.

Salon Services Acetone 1 Litre | £6.89. from Sally Beauty

Salon Services Acetone 1 Litre

Acetone is the go to product to remove all stubborn remnants, whether it is on natural, as well as false nails.

Shoppers can’t praise the item enough, as one customer review read: “Best acetone on the market never lets me down.”