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Best rechargeable heated jackets, gilets and more

Best heated jackets gilets and gloves
From rechargeable heated jackets to gloves, we're here to warm you up. (Getty Images)

While we've all found a few useful tips on how to stay warm without heating since the energy spike last year, sometimes we still need a little extra help in the warmth department.

If that's the case, you might benefit from investing in some heated clothing or accessories. Haven't come across rechargeable heated clothing before? Here's everything you need to know.

How does heated clothing work?

Most heated jackets are fitted with carbon fibre heating zones, which are connected by a cable in the lining of the jacket to a rechargeable li-ion battery, which is how the heating mechanism is powered.

They work in a similar way to heated car seats and heated blankets, with many of our top picks also featuring heated pockets to keep your hands cosy too.

Some designs also have the ability to adjust the temperature from low to high, so you don't get too hot and can last between four to 10 hours depending on the heat level.

You can then simply recharge the battery by taking it out the item of clothing (usually it's hidden in a specially designed pocket) and plug it either via USB connector or mains plug, depending what you buy.

The clothing is also usually machine washable and water-resistant, but we recommend reading the washing instructions on each individual item.

Is heated clothing safe?

Yes. They're powered by low-level batteries – usually under 10V – and have an internal thermostat to keep it heated at your desired temperature.

Regatta also explains that the jackets are waterproof, although they do recommend that if the battery packs were to get wet, they should be disconnected to stop them from breaking.

It's expert-approved

Martin Lewis, otherwise known as The Money Saving Expert, emphasised on his ITV show late last year that finding ways to “heat the human and not the home” should be the focus for keeping bills down.

Speaking about the research on different items conducted by his team, he said: "The one that really took off was small electrical items for heating the person.”

One of the most cost-effective accessories was heated gloves, which can cost as little as 1p per hour to run.

Additionally, while heated gilets may set you back around £50 initially, you'll have to part with as little as 1p per hour in terms of energy use.

Best heated clothing and accessories

DEWBU Heated Jacket with 12V Battery Pack Winter Outdoor Soft Shell Electric Heating Coat | £189.99 from Amazon

(Dewbu / Amazon)
(Dewbu / Amazon)

Shop the coat (battery included)

This Amazon top pick has over 3,800 five-star reviews, with people describing it as "the perfect jacket" for extreme cold snaps.

Its 12V battery (which is included in the price) powers five carbon fibre heating zones: two on front, one on back, and one on each arm. It also features three heating modes to keep you just the right amount of warm.

Women's Voltera Loft Heated Jacket III | £84.95 (Was £170) from Regatta

Shop the coat (battery sold separately) Shop the battery pack

The Voltera Loft Heated Jacket III is a more lightweight design which currently has 50% off, now under £100.

Even without the heating aspect, it features Warmloft insulation to keep you toasty and has a detachable hood.

You do have to purchase the Heated Jacket Battery Pack separately, which is also half price down from £70 to £34.99.

Men's Volter Loft Heated Bodywarmer | £62.45 (Was £125) from Regatta

Shop the gilet (battery sold separately) Shop the battery pack

This popular and lightweight gilet for women is also now half price down to £62.45 in the Regatta sale.

It only features one heat setting and you also have to purchase the Heated Jacket Battery Pack separately, but at under £100 for the lot it's a great option for those wanting to try heated clothing.

One five-star review said: "Really love my heated body warmer. Great on the snowy days walking my dogs. Easy to use. Good quality."

Rrtizan Heated Vest for Men and Women | £54.99 from Amazon

Shop the gilet (battery not included) Shop the battery pack

With over 3,000 reviews, this jacket has been heralded as great for camping and outdoor activities, but is suitable to wear indoors to combat the cold too. It features three heating area is the left abdomen, right abdomen and back, which helps to promote blood circulation and relieve muscle pain.

It also features three temperature options: low temperature which lasts seven to 10 hours, medium which lasts five to seven hours and high temperature which goes for around three to five hours.

It doesn't come with a battery included, but there are loads of top-rated options on Amazon, starting from just £13.

Comfytemp Heated Neck Scarf | £39.99 from Amazon

Shop the scarf (battery included)

Slip this scarf under your coat, press the button and you're good to go. Not only is this neck pad great to keep you warm, it's also great for pain relief. It has three settings depending on how hot you want it and the battery is included in the price.

It has a 72% five star rating with customers saying it's "very comfortable", with many saying "highly recommend it."

Dreamland Heated Neck & Shoulder Pad | £59.99 from Lakeland

Shop neck warmer (battery included)

As well as relieving tension around the neck and back, this super-plush Heated Neck & Shoulder Pad is contoured to fit any neck shape. It heats up in just five minutes and has five different heat settings to choose from. Its Intelliheat technology also automatically monitors and adjusts the temperature regularly.

It works similarly to a heated blanket, by inserting the plug into a mains socket in order to power it so it's not a fix if you want to be on-the-go but great if you're at home.

Day Wolf Heated Gloves | £119.90 from Amazon

Shop the gloves (batteries included)

Day Wolf Heated Gloves may be expensive but for good reason; unlike most heated gloves, these are very thin and therefore many customers say they're more wearable.

Many reviewers commented on how the warmth goes right to the fingers, which is a difficult thing to find in the heated glove realms. They also have three heat settings: low medium and high.

The electric gloves are equipped with two rechargeable lithium polymer batteries which can last up to six hours.

Aroma Season Rechargeable Heated Gloves | £69.99 from Amazon

(Aroma / Amazon)
(Aroma / Amazon)

Shop the gloves (batteries included)

With 71% five star reviews, these gloves are not only warm but also practical. Yes, they look thick, but you'll still be able to use your smartphone as the fabric on the whole palm and all fingers are designed for touchscreen devices.

Many reviews also say the inner lining is "velvety and very comfortable". They last five to 10 hours after being fully charged, and have three temperature adjustment modes.