Grab a must-have handheld sewing machine

handheld sewing machine
Grab a nifty handheld sewing machineAmazon

Keen craftspeople and sewers will know just how useful a handheld sewing machine can be, especially for those times when you need to fix a stitch in an awkward position.

This handy tool is should be in every craft stash. Designed to be used for all manner of situations, handheld sewing machines will even help you hem curtains without having to take them down from the rail. They're also great if you want a simple tool to repair clothes and don't have space for a full-size sewing machine. You'll wonder what you did without a handheld sewing machine in your craft supplies!

They're a great piece of equipment for those who know how to sew. Handheld sewing machines reach places you may struggle to on a sewing machine and they can do jobs like quick hem fixes making them much easier as there's no time-consuming needle-threading required!

One thing to keep in mind is that handheld sewing machines are not meant to replace traditional sewing machines for regular use. Instead, they should be used as a portable version of a standard sewing machine to make mending on-the-go easier.

Typically you can only use them for a few seconds at a time before pausing – check the instructions for the exact length as it can vary between models.

For beginners, handheld sewing machines are a useful way to learn a few sewing basics without investing in or getting overly confused by the intricacies of an expensive tabletop sewing machine.

For experienced sewers, a handheld sewing machine can be a lifesaver in the sorts of situations where time is of the essence. If you work in the theatre and need to make fixes to costumes in between scenes, then a handheld sewing machine can quickly become your most valued tool.

Best handheld sewing machines to buy now

Handheld sewing machines offer a quick solution for a lot of sewing situations, but finding the right one for you is important.

We've scoured the internet to find the best handheld sewing machines in terms of cost, efficiency and customer reviews. Just remember: most handheld sewing machines are single-stitch ones, so you need to tie a knot at the end to ensure they don't unravel!

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