Best food storage containers from plastic boxes to glass jars

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 (Best food storage ideas 2021)
(Best food storage ideas 2021)

Despite our collective best efforts, research shows that we still waste tonnes of food - in fact, London throws out 910,000 tonnes every year, according to Small Change, Big Difference, a campaign that highlights the city's food waste.

Whether that’s from a well-intentioned food shop derailed by convenient takeaways after a long day, or poorly-made containers that were supposed to preserve fruit and veg but failed miserably, we throw away perfectly edible food every week.

Apart from going off, slinging all your perishables in the vegetable crisper (the bottom pull-out drawer of your fridge) is a bad idea as some can hasten the spoiling of others.

To the unorganised, the spoiled

For instance, ripened bananas accelerate the ripening of other fruits in the vicinity because they let off a gas called ethylene.
Tomatoes should be stored at room temperature and devoured when ripe – putting them in the fridge can make them go soft.
And potatoes should be left in a cool, dry cupboard until you’re ready to use them, while avocados get a longer life stored in the fridge.

Plastic Free Shopping

With more future-forward stores like Bulk, BYO Tooting and The Harmless Store, offering packaging-free groceries and even Waitrose getting in on the act, having durable food containers and storage that you can endlessly refill is becoming ever essential for those who want to kick their addiction to single-use plastics.

Good enough for the Gram

You only have to turn to Instagram to realise more people than ever are getting a kick out of military-grade home organisation.

The Home Edit has nearly five million followers on Instagram, attracted by a neat grid filled with pictures of bedrooms, fridges and pantries in a perfect state of order. The US-born company is so popular it even has an exclusive storage collection at John Lewis.

Type #KitchenStorage onto the social media platform and you'll see thousands of inventive ideas to neatly arrange kitchens, cupboards and fridges.

It's never been cooler to be sorted.

Get organised

To save your food from going off and to give you options to smarten up your fridge, cupboards and countertops, we’ve found the best storage containers and organisers to use in your kitchen.

From the oh-so stylish to practical concepts, here are best food storage products to buy now.

See our favourites below

Best Fridge and Meal-Prep Storage

12-Piece Superior Glass Meal Prep Containers Set

If your attempts at meal prepping are regularly thwarted by lack of proper containers, this bundle is about to end all your excuses. You'll get 12 glass-bottomed containers, in different sizes but all completely leak proof thanks to the air-tight flip lids. The main draw for this is that unlike some plastics, the glass won't affect the taste of food, and you can put hot food just in - perfect if you're saving tonight's dinner leftovers for tomorrow's lunch at the office.

Most of them nest inside each other too, making them easy to store. Just be careful when cleaning them; the glass is dishwasher-safe but the lids are not.

£34.99 | Amazon

Symple Stuff Lazy Susan

Many a hot sauce has been tragically lost in the abyss at the back of the fridge. Keep your condiments within reach with this 360-degree rotating turntable which features a non-slip grip and removable dividers to stack sauces as well as seasoning, oils and vinegars.

Symple Stuff
Symple Stuff

£36.99 | Wayfair

See more Lazy Susan products from Wayfair

Black + Blum Original lunchbox

Technically this Black + Blum lunchbox is for taking to work, but now we're all WFH, it makes a superb snack caddy. Treat yourself to a bento style lunch, or fill with fruit, crackers, cheese cubes and chocolate squares to keep you fueled until clocking out time.

Available in glass and steel and as pots and boxes, they're endlessly versatile. They work well for keeping leftovers in the fridge too.

We like the Original which comes with a fork and a leak-proof pot for sauces and dressing.

Black + Blum
Black + Blum

£19.95 | Black + Blum

Glass Meal Prep Containers, 10 Pack

Perfect for portion control or separating wet food from dry, these glass containers are made for housing batch cooked meals or leftover ingredients to use again at another time.

You get 10 in the set (two for every day of the working week), each with matching air-locking lids to prevent spills as well as keep your food fresher for longer.

CREST Storage
CREST Storage

£33.99 | Amazon

Remi Glass Storage Container

Food containers don't have to be anonymous cubes of plastic. Anthropologie's glass version comes with a click-top lid and stand out thanks to the pretty floral patterns decorating the glass.

Dishwasher and microwave safe, you'll be proud to fill these with leftovers. It’s oven- and dishwasher-safe.


£12 | Anthropologie

OXO Good Grips GreenSaver Produce Keeper

Waste not, want not. Keep produce fresh and crisp with this four litre container featuring an an elevated colander and adjustable vent. Available in multiple sizes, say farewell to water-logged lettuce and mushy strawberries.

£19 | Amazon

iDesign Can Storage Container with Lid​

Keep soft drinks and 300ml drinks cool with this fridge organiser, which keeps up to nine cans out of the way of your other food items.

£18.99 | Amazon

Best Countertop and Cupboard Storage

Joseph Joseph Podium Airtight Storage Container Set and Stand

This smart stand features two small podiums that allow you to grab and go without needing to unstack the top containers. You can store it in the cupboard but we think this attractive set is worthy of its own countertop space. If you have been searching for a housewarming gift, this is a thoughtful idea.

£50 | John Lewis

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Food Storage Container with Lids

Keep your baking ingredients, snacks, spices and grains organised with these containers which feature an airtight lid-lock mechanism. You can get them in small, medium and large sets, all in the same size of your choice. Choose the small set and you'll get six tubs, all holding a litre each and measuring 4.96 x 3.54 x 6.3inches.

The included labels and chalk make labelling each container and doodle and easy to change if you decide to store something else in the containers.

They stack easily too, saving cupboard space and making them look neater to boot.

£24.99 | Amazon

Glass Storage Jar Kitchen Food Containers with Bamboo Lid

Store everything from rice to Smarties in these cylindrical jars which keep air out with bamboo lids. The glass is made from high borosilicate glass which, apart from withstanding temperatures of 150 to -20 degrees - is non-toxic and lead-free so you can rest assured your foodstuffs will be perfectly safe.

£37.99 | Amazon

Kilner Cliptop Jar - 2L

A handy jar to have around the kitchen, Kilner has been a trusted name in preserving jams, pickles and fruits since it was established way back in 1842.

The clip-top and rubber seal keeps air out, meaning your food stays fresher for longer. Made out of glass, this jar if easy recyclable if you ever choose to throw it out – but why on earth would you?

£4.49 | The Range

Shop all Kilner at The Range

Leader Accessories Double Decker Bamboo Bread Bin

Bid-adieu​ to mouldy bread with this dapper two-tier bread bin made with wood and glass panels. Play at having your own bakery and choose carby breakfast favourites from this cute bread box.


£54.99 | Amazon

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HEMA folding crate

For those times when you need to magic up storage fast, HEMA saves the day with colourful folding crates, made from 60 per cent recycled plastic.

It's great for storing excess dry ingredients before a big party and you can stack them too. When not in use, they fold down to 2.5cm.

Dimensions: 24 x 16 x 9.5cm.

£3.50 | HEMA

Dunelm Wire Fruit Basket

Keep your ripe bananas away from other fruit with this basket that has a separate hook to suspend bunches from.

£8 | Dunelm


Your perfect piece of storage will obviously depend on your needs, but the 12-Piece Superior Glass Meal Prep Containers Set offers excellent value for your money. We are also keen on pretty much everything in The Home Edit's range at John Lewis.

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