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Classic Nile

A cruise down the Nile can give a great insight into rural Egyptian life – and reveals a land that time forgot. Many trips give passengers the opportunity to hop off and explore rarely visited villages along the banks, bustling markets and some of the country’s most fascinating relics. Original Travel has a nine-night trip from £3,420pp, including international and domestic flights and accommodation. Sailing on a 19th-century steamer with teak decks, you’ll also explore the Valley of the Kings and Luxor on guided tours. [Photo: Getty]

10 of the world's best cruise holidays

Ellie Ross

A cruise is a great way to explore different destinations.

Travelling by boat, you can reach places only accessible by water, from the glaciers of the Antarctic to the quiet canals of France.

You can hop on and off at interesting spots to explore on foot, or simply kick back and watch the landscape drift by from the comfort of your ship’s deck.

From Greenland to the Ganges, here are ten of the world’s best cruises you won’t want to miss.