Fans under £20 to see you through the UK heatwave

These fans are sure to keep you cool throughout the heatwave
These fans are sure to keep you cool throughout the heatwave

Temperatures in the UK have soared this week; the ongoing heatwave making life uncomfortable from morning until night.

With Thursday’s forecast currently set to break the July record in the majority of the UK, reaching highs of 38C, Brits are desperately searching for ways to beat the heat. The most obvious solution? Investing in a fan.

Whether you’re combating public transport, an oven-like office or sticky nights sleep, here are the fans that will see you through every heatwave situation.

The on-the-go fan

A handheld fan is about to become your new best friend.

Although you can pick up an old school battery operated fan for as little as £1.89, it’s not exactly going to cut it in this heat. So, if you’re searching for a small portable fan, we suggest investing in the more powerful GUSGU Mini Handheld Fan (£18.99), which not only has five speed levels and 120 degree rotation, but most importantly, a five star review on Amazon.

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The office-friendly desk fan

Struggling to concentrate at work? A USB fan is here to save the day.

This mini metal desk fan by Glamouric (£15.99) can be easily plugged into your computer and even has a quiet brushless axial motor so it won’t disturb any of your colleagues. With its chrome exterior, it’s also a rather stylish desk addition.

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The baby-safe fan

Keeping your little one cool in the heat is a priority, so have peace of mind by clipping a Dreambaby Strollerbuddy Stroller Fan onto your tots pushchair.

The £10.94product is ranked number one on Amazon’s list of best baby pushchair cooling fans, so it’s definitely a tenner well spent.

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The fan to help you sleep soundly

Although you’re not meant to sleep with a fan on all night, a soothing breeze as you try to nod off is definitely much needed at the moment.

As much as we all want to buy a snazzy advanced technology cooling fan by Dyson, the usual rainy British weather makes it difficult to justify the £499.99 price tag. Instead, we suggest opting for this easy to assemble £19.99 mini standing fan to pop on your bedside table.

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The phone fan

Let’s face it, we all spend rather a lot of time attached to our iPhone’s. Luckily, phone fans are now a thing, which for only £6.99 can be easily attached to the charging port for a quick and easy cool down solution.

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