This £40 suitcase has hundreds of five-star reviews: 'Light, sturdy and spacious'

In need of a new suitcase? We've found a bargain with a slew of five-star reviews. [Photo: Getty]
In need of a new suitcase? We've found a bargain with a slew of five-star reviews. [Photo: Getty]

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Buying a suitcase is, in many ways, like a good relationship: it carries the load when you can’t manage it alone, it sticks with you through thick and thin and it survives everyday wear and tear.

Plus, both could be classed as baggage sometimes, which is why it’s so important to pick a good one when investing in a new case.

Luckily, you no longer have to head for the upper end of the suitcase market to ensure that this essential travel accessory is high-quality.

In fact, you don’t even need to spend over three figures if the Amazon reviews for this lightweight suitcase are anything to go by.

The Coollife Suitcase Trolley Carry On is currently Amazon’s best-selling suitcase and has amassed 780 reviews, 87% of which are five star, with happy travellers gushing about everything from how sturdy it is to how “beautiful” the colours are.

Buy it: Coolife Suitcase Trolley Carry On | £39.99 from Amazon

The 38-litre suitcase is perfect as a carry-on, fitting in the hold of all major airlines, with a retractable handle that means carrying it, or balancing something on top of it, is super easy.

The four multidirectional spinner wheels also mean you can run through any airport and your faithful case will follow smoothly alongside.

Inside, the case is made up of handy compartments, one customer saying: “I was surprised by how spacious the suitcase was and the amount of storage compartments it has.” Adding “I'm in love with this suitcase.”

In fact, one customer was such a convert that they commented: “That impressed we're going to order 3 more so we all have the same cases but in different colours.”

Another added: “The suitcase is exactly what I was looking for because it’s very light, which helps when I travel by plane, I can easily pass the checked baggage, without worrying that it might be heavier than the weight limit.”

The case comes in 11 different colours to chose from. [Photo: Amazon]
The case comes in 11 different colours to chose from. [Photo: Amazon]

Some shoppers were so pleased that they wrote several paragraphs in praise of the suitcase, while others felt that just one word - such as “brilliant” or “life-changing” - did the job.

Though the bag is meant as a carry-on, if you do end up having to check it, the bright colours - from Apple green to a vibrant Sky Blue - make it easy to spot at baggage claim.

You can also purchase the case in a medium 60L size (£49.99) and large 93L capacity (£59.99) for those further afield trips.

The only thing we need to do now is actually book a holiday.

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