The best Black Friday deals on treadmills

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With gyms shut in recent months, more runners than ever have opted to invest in a treadmill for their home gym this year. But let’s be honest, they’re a pricey piece of kit.

So if you’ve been holding off for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals to add a treadmill to your home gym, you're in luck. We’ve rounded up some of the best treadmill deals we can find. There are fewer bargains than in previous years, but still some savings to be had.

If the thought of spending hundreds – even thousands – of pounds on a treadmill still gives you pause, look at it this way: when you buy a quality machine, you’ll use it for years, and what you lose from your bank account you’ll gain in miles you otherwise might have missed owing to dreary winter weather.

The best treadmill deals in the 2021 Black Friday sale:

Here are some of the best deals in the Black Friday sale:

1. Citysports Treadmill

Was £299, now £254

This one won’t be for everyone, but if you’re looking for a treadmill to walk or jog on, it's easy to store and install. It works by remote and has a top speed of 6km/h, which is more of a walking pace for most runners. It features integrated bluetooth speakers, allowing you to play music through the treadmill, plus it can easily be stored away, thanks to the slim design.

2. Reebok GT40S Treadmill

Was £899.99, now £599.99

Available from December 4, this treadmill is now in the Black Friday sale. With a top speed of 16kph (around a 6:00min/mile pace), this is far more versatile for runners, though if you’re really speedy, you might want to invest in a more advanced machine. It's generously sized, has various incline settings and 40 in-built workouts to keep things interesting. It also folds away for easy storage.

3. Reebok SL8.0 AC Treadmill

Was £1,750, now £1,249

In the sales now for delivery after December 8, this is more like the one you’re used to running on in the gym. It has a 10-inch touchscreen display to keep things interesting as you clock up the miles, 18 incline levels and a top speed of 20 km/h, which is a 4:50min/mile pace, so should give most runners a serious workout.

4. HOMCOM 600W Foldable Steel Motorised Treadmill

Was £469.99, now £295.99

A good option if you’re short on space, this foldable treadmill can easily be stored under your bed or behind the sofa. It has a top speed of 12km/h (an 8:03min/mile pace), so won't suit all runners, but is a solid choice for beginners or those just looking to just keep moving indoors.

5. Nordic Track Commercial X9i

Was £1,999, now £1,799

The Commercial X9i is a top-of-the-range treadmill, with a touchscreen for interactive personal training and on-demand workouts. It has up to 40% incline and 6% decline settings (which can be controlled interactively via the 'Trainer Controlled Tech') and a top speed of 20 km/h, which is 4:50min/mile pace, so should cater for all runners.

6. Lontek X510 Folding Motorised Treadmill

Was £299.99, now £274.95 with code BLACKFRIDAY2021

Another super-affordable treadmill, best suited for beginners. Its top speed is 10 km/h (around a 9:40/min mile pace), so it won't be suitable for all runners, but if you're looking to up your step count indoors, it’s a good choice. It can easily be folded away for storage

7. BodyTrain Rocket MT06 Treadmill

Was £479.95, now £455.95

This BodyTrain is a heavy-duty treadmill and features a large running deck. It's got a top speed of 16 km/h (around a 6:02min/mile pace), so it won't be ideal for all runners, but if this suits your pace range, it’s a great investment. This one also has a large display screen showing your pace, distance and calories burned.

8. Domyos Compact Treadmill RUN 100


It might not have the steep inclines, shiny touchscreens and app connectivity of its competitors, but it still fills the primary function of a running machine impressively — namely, it allows you to enjoy a good run. It also features in our best treadmills round up and tested really well.

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