Pesky, persistant flakes? Here are 7 top-rated anti-dandruff shampoos

Anya Meyerowitz
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Suffering from dandruff? We've rounded-up the top-rated shampoos to try now. [Photo: Getty]
Suffering from dandruff? We've rounded-up the top-rated shampoos to try now. [Photo: Getty]

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Flakes in chocolate form are great, but we’re less enthusiastic about the ones that come from your head. Whether we like them or not though, dandruff affects 20% of the population, and it can be tricky to get rid of.

The pesky flakes can occur for all manner of reasons, from skin conditions - like psoriasis or eczema - to seasonal dry scalp, and there are a confusing amount of treatment types out there. However, you can find easy relief in the form of anti-dandruff shampoo.

Stop scratching at it, and read this.

In order to help you get flake-free, there are certain ingredients you should be looking out for on the bottle of your shampoo.

Piroctone olamine is a popular one, it’s proven to tackle dandruff and keep you up to more or less flake-free when used on a regular basis.

Ketoconazole, sold under the brand name Nizoral, is another. This antifungal medication is used to treat lots of fungal infections, including dandruff and seborrhoeic dermatitis.

If the above doesn’t work though, then keep your eyes peeled for hair washes that contain selenium sulphide. This clinically proven ingredient is designed to tackle super stubborn dandruff and will keep it at bay as long as you keep using it on a regular basis.

It’s important to note, that if your dandruff persists then this might indicate a skin condition and so we advise you always consult your GP who can give you further treatment advice.

In the meantime though, these are the best anti-dandruff shampoos out there at the moment. We’ve got your back - or your head, as the case may be.

7 top-rated anti-dandruff shampoos

Head & Shoulders Classic Clean Anti-Dandruff Shampoo | £5 from Boots

Probably the best-known anti-dandruff shampoo around, Head & Shoulders is synonymous with a flake-free scalp. It adds moisturise to your hair and scalp to help get rid of the dryness that can cause dandruff, and it contains zero nasties (parabens, paraffins etc.). With over 506 five-star reviews on the Boots website, this shampoo will get to work almost immediately and the satisfied customers speak for themselves.

Ginger Anti-Dandruff Shampoo | £9.50 from The Bodyshop

This feels more like the kind of shampoo you’d find in a holistic spa, rather than in an anti-dandruff roundup, but it really does do the trick. Blended with ginger essential oil, birch bark, white willow extracts, and Community Trade honey, The Bodyshop’s iconic anti-dandruff shampoo gently clears loose flakes and soothes the scalp. If you’ve got particularly sensitive skin then this one is for you.

E45 Dry Scalp Shampoo | £5.99 by Superdrug

E45 is well-known for its calming and soothing properties, so it’s little wonder that it works so well on flake-ridden hair. With a slew of five-star reviews on Amazon (seriously, it has loads), this stripped-back shampoo is dermatologically tested and specially formulated to work for both dry flaky scalps and dandruff.

Sukin Oil Balancing Shampoo | £9.95 from Holland & Barrett

Vegan and cruelty-free, this oil balancing shampoo from cult hair and skincare brand, Sukin helps to balance the excess sebum in the skin without drying out your scalp. Don’t worry if it tingles a little, that’s just the excitable Moringa extract which helps give your hair a deep clean.

Nizoral Anti-dandruff Shampoo | £6.29 from Boots

If this looks pretty heavy-duty, that’s because it is. This anti-dandruff shampoo gets rid of flakes as well as the symptoms of dandruff, such as dry, flaky, red, itchy scalp. It really gets under your skin, so to speak, and helps restore your skin back to its normal, healthy state.

Mane 'n Tail Original Shampoo and Body | £5.99 from Superdrug

Bare with us on this one. We know this is a shampoo for horses but it’s actually a tried and tested beauty secret! The exclusive original shampoo formula contains moisturisers and emollients to help leave hair soft and clean - just think about shiny horse’s manes are - and because it hydrates without stripping out natural oils, it’s brilliant for getting rid of dandruff, too! Best of all though, it will confuse all your friends when they come to stay.

Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo | £4.69 from Look Fantastic

The most highly-rated of all the anti-dandruff treatments in this roundup, if the 1,188 Amazon reviews are anything to by, this Neutrogena shampoo is specially formulated to help those with seborrhoeic dermatitis, scalp psoriasis and dandruff. It alleviates itching, reduces flakes and calms redness is a short space of time. Ideal if your date for Valentine’s Day is taller than you and you need something fast-acting!

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