Benefits Street star White Dee reveals she was 'forced to move' after Big Brother appearance

White Dee, star of Benefits Street, has revealed that she was forced to move house due to safety concerns after her stint on Celebrity Big Brother.

The reality TV star, whose real name is Deirdre Kelly, rose to fame after appearing in the 2014 Channel 4 series that followed the lives of residents on James Turner Street in Birmingham's Winson Green area.

However, her subsequent appearance on Celebrity Big Brother had unexpected consequences. Speaking on This Morning with Ben Shephard and Cat Deeley, White Dee admitted that she was "forced" to leave James Turner Street due to safety fears for herself and her children after her Celebrity Big Brother appearance.



"Your life has changed significantly since then," Ben observed, to which Dee agreed: "It has, it's kind of like a funny story really because, you know, I went to Celebrity Big Brother, I left my house on James Turner Street to go into CBB, came out, we moved."

She further explained the reasons behind the move, citing her increased public profile and the safety of her children as key factors. She also discussed how her television fame affected her son and daughter Caitlin, who appeared alongside her on Benefits Street.

Reality TV star Dee opened up about the downside of fame, saying: "You bring your kids up going: 'never talk to strangers' and you've got thousands of strangers going: 'is your mum in?'" She also admitted, "I can kind of see why that's happened but I do miss it because it was home."

Despite the challenges, Dee has turned her attention to a worthy cause, launching a campaign to help those in need. Using her TV fame, she has raised awareness and set up a foodbank and community hub for those struggling.

"The number of people living rough or who can't afford to feed their children is spiralling out of control, so I knew I had to do something," she revealed to The Mirror.

At the hub, Dee has fostered an accepting atmosphere, stating, "A lot of the people we see here have hit on really hard times, but we've created a space where they won't be judged and can get the supplies and help they need."

Guided by her upbringing and personal beliefs, Dee shared, "I do it because it's in my heart and it's how I was brought up it's the idea that nobody is better than anyone else. We've all been through tough periods in our lives.

Her philanthropic journey began with delivering food parcels during the Covid pandemic, leading to the launch of the community space in October, 2023.