Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller kept the Ukrainian cause in the hearts and minds of people everywhere in the ultimate act of kindness with his surprise trip to the capital.

The Night At The Museum film star got the globe talking about World Refugee Day with his trip to Ukraine.

As the Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), the American actor met with the Ukrainian President Zelensky during his visit to Kyiv.

In conversation with Zelensky, Ben said: "It's a great honour for me. It’s really wonderful, you’re my hero. You’re amazing.” Zelensky told Ben: “We know you very well."

On the ground in Ukraine, Ben filmed a piece to camera about war devastating people's lives and encouraged people all over the world to be kind.

He said: "I'm meeting people who’ve been impacted by the war and hearing how it’s changed their lives. War and violence are devastating people all over the world.

"Nobody chooses to flee their home. Seeking safety is a right and it needs to be upheld for every person."

The Zoolander actor wanted to bring greater compassion to ordinary people forced to flee their homes, not just in Ukraine but across the globe.

It is a global crisis as displacement affects more than 100 million people across the world, in countries including Syria, South Sudan, Myanmar and Afghanistan, Ethiopia and Venezuela.

Over the years, Ben has been an incredible refugee advocate and the actor has continued to work with the UN Refugee Agency since early 2016.

See the full Kind List here

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