Bella Thorne wore a see-through corset to work, and we can't stop looking

It’s ‘Bring Your Child To Work Day’ and Bella Thorne is celebrating in style.

The 24-year-old actress brought her adorable pup to set, but all eyes were on the sexy outfit she was wearing that day. Please refer to the latest TikTok sound embedded in my brain — dog mums know what's up!

In the new Instagram photos, Bella’s toned core and strong arms are on full display in her sheer, cut-out bodysuit, which she paired with some baggy, dark-wash denim pants, and lots of layers of bling around her neck. An icon.

Bella’s followers definitely seem to agree with me. 'WOWOWOWOW I love this look,' her sister, Dani Thorne, commented. '🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥' wrote another follower. And yes, that does about sum up the look.

Bella has been transparent with her health journey over the years, promising in early 2022 that this would be the year she would take better care of her mind, body, and soul.

'I will be healthier this year I will take more care of my body. I will drink more water. I will pay more attention to my negative mental habits I will work to change those. I will stop judging myself so harshly,' the actress wrote in part on the New Year’s post.

Any close IG follower knows that Bella has definitely been hitting the gym hard this year. In fact, she recently tweeted that she’s been hitting her workouts almost every day! She also told her followers to throw out their scales, which is a movement I fully endorse.

'Almost every day I have been to the gym in the last 6 weeks. Turns out I only lost one pound of fat and gained one pound of muscle.. throw away your scales ladies because they don’t mean shit. As long as YOU feel better and u like the way u look that’s all that matters,' she wrote on Twitter.

Bella told Allure that she works out with her brother, who is a trainer (serious sibling perk!). 'He's got me doing circuit training and weight lifting—I never do cardio,' Bella shared back in 2015. 'A lot of people think that cardio burns off weight better than weight lifting does...but weight lifting works your muscles, getting them toned while losing fat.'

She shared this video in 2020 tackling a tough set of ab workouts with TRX bands, noting her helpful workout partner. (I am available if you need a third, B!)

In addition to her sweaty workouts, the actress also eats healthy foods. She previously told Wired that she consumes a lot of plant-based ingredients, but isn’t totally vegan.

'I'm not [vegan], I'm so sorry guys,' she said. 'I really want to be though. My sister's a vegan so we eat a lot of vegan food but man, bacon. Oh, gets me every time.'

Keep it up, Bella!

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