Bella Thorne accused of misleading fans with 'damaging' skincare video - 'Please don't do this at home'

Bella Thorne's unique beauty regime has horrified fans across the globe [Photo: Getty]
Bella Thorne's unique beauty regime has horrified fans across the globe [Photo: Getty]

Bella Thorne fans have been left ‘horrified’ by the actress’ unconventional skincare regime which consists of “basically one-ish thing”.

The actress-turned-singer recently participated in Harper’s Bazaar’s #GoToBedWithMe YouTube series where famous faces talk viewers through their nightly ritual.

But Thorne’s grand unveiling of her beauty secrets soon graced the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

After revealing that she has suffered from cystic acne for several years and that her skin is “very oily underneath and dry on top”, the 21-year-old demonstrated how she washes her face - using nothing but a homemade scrub made from lemon, olive oil, and sugar.

“I came across this one woman, Jennifer who is so amazing - she changed my skin, and she's designing my skincare line,” she explained. “It's the only thing that's made a huge difference in an insanely short amount of time, and her stuff is all-natural which I love.”

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Thorne then went on to claim that the all-natural scrub helps to remove acne scars, as she rubbed the homemade substance into her face in a circular motion - something her make-up artist once told her will “activate the skin to become alive again”.

But the all-natural method alarmed viewers with many taking to Reddit and social media to voice their concerns.

“This is literally the worst ‘skincare’ routine that I’ve ever seen, and the fact that she says she’s releasing a skincare line is horrifying because so many little kids will be damaging their skin if the products are anything like what she uses,” one YouTube viewer commented.

“I’m actually shocked by the amount of misinformation in that video!” one Reddit user wrote. “She said she has oily acne-prone skin with scarring but is still using coconut oil (highly comedogenic and pore clogging), vitamin e (has been proven to worsen the appearance of scars) and lemon with sugar scrub?”

Another agreed, also highlighting the dangers of using sugar and lemon on dry skin.

“There's nothing wrong with all natural, organic skincare if that's your thing but she needs to educate herself on which oils are best for oily prone skin,” they commented. “Coconut oil is comedogenic and doesn't absorb much either. Sugar and lemon scrub on dry skin? Yikes.”

Others warned that her skin may be under control now but it’s a beauty regime she’s sure to regret in the future.

“I used to put lemon on my face when I was a teen and it ruined my skin,” one Reddit user recalled. “My young and naive days.”

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Thorne recently surprised fans by revealing that she finally bid farewell to her cystic acne after giving up washing her face.

“I know it sounds ridiculous, but this is my first pimple in a minute, guys," she explained in a recent video with US Vogue. “I’m not going to wash my face, I don't wash my face in the morning, because there’s something called over-washing your face, and when I had really bad acne, that was one of the things I stopped, and it actually helped my skin.”

The backlash against Thorne’s skincare regime is reminiscent of the controversy Kylie Jenner faced when she debuted a walnut scrub from her skincare line, Kylie Skin, on social media.

Fans argued one of the scrub’s ingredients, fine walnut powder, is actually very bad for your skin. It causes everything from broken capillaries to dryness, according to critics.

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