Bella Hadid steps onto the runway in nothing but her pants

Photo credit: Victor Boyko - Getty Images
Photo credit: Victor Boyko - Getty Images

Bella Hadid is a bit of a fashion pioneer, whether it's opening up about mental health in the modelling industry or rocking a vinyl ballgown on the runway. We're pretty sure she can make just about any outfit look stunning, trying out the exposed thong trend and probably the most plunging neckline we've ever seen.

Now, she's taken her fashion chops to extreme, daring heights. As you may well know, it is currently Paris Fashion Week meaning that lots of designers are showing their new wares for the season. Understandably, as a model, Bella has been present at a lot of these catwalk shows but none have been as iconic as the Coperni SS23 show on 30 September.

There, Bella literally stepped onto the catwalk in *wait for it* nothing but a pair of high-leg pants, a scraped back bun and a pair of open-toe, slingback mules. But the wildness doesn't stop there. After strutting onto the catwalk, covering her chest with her arms, she stood while a team of three men, led by Dr Manel Torres, managing director of Fabrican Ltd, sprayed her with what at first looked like white paint.

However, to the surprise of the live audience of journalists, influencers, celebs and fashion buyers, the liquid was actually a form of innovative spray-on latex-like fabric called Fabrican which quickly dried to create a slinky white dress.

Occurring at the show's close, the moment has been compared to a moment from Alexander McQueen Spring 1999 show, where supermodel Shalom Harlow wore a white tulle dress that was spray-painted by two mechanical arms.

Whether or not this fashion throwback was intended, this is probably the most iconic thing we've ever seen on a runway. Whatever your thoughts, it's proof that Bella is truly fearless...

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