Bella Hadid sports her natural waves with new honey blonde hair

bella hadid natural waves blonde
Bella sports natural waves new honey blonde hairDimitrios Kambouris - Getty Images

We've had a few weeks now with blonde Bella Hadid in the world, and if we weren't instantly sold (we were though), her latest holiday snaps have sealed the deal.

Now that we've got past obsessing over just how different she looks with buttery blonde hair, and how much her resemblance to sister Gigi is really shining, we're taking a minute to really appreciate the new honey hue. Which is very easy to do paired with her gorgeous natural waves in this super fun holiday Instagram post:

Celebrating her curly wavy tresses with an apt boho beach babe look, featuring bangles and a loose cotton kaftan style halter top, Bella looks every bit the 70s hippie chick, and long may she reign.

With her long swishy dark hair usually worn straight, we don't tend to think of the supermodel as wavy haired in the same way we do Gigi, but it didn't take long for us to find a photo of her sporting her natural texture in her brunette maine, and it looks even curlier.

Gigi's Cali girl blonde waves and Bella's slinky brunette hair have always set the sisters apart, and given them such distinct identities. Something their own mother noted when young Bella was coming up under her big sister's already-shining spotlight. But now that both are supernovas, it's lovely to see Bella and Gigi experimenting with more overlapping styles. I mean, just look at straight-haired brunette Gigi:

Now all we want is a photo of them both blonde together! Or both brunette, we're not fussy.

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