Bella Hadid gets candid about her morning 'puffy eyes' in makeup-free video

As confident as I am (gotta back yourself, am I right?), I'm humble enough (what can I say) to know that *thee* world-famous, Victoria's Secret model, Bella Hadid and I don't have much – if anything – in common... or do we?

When scrolling through my TikTok FYP earlier today, I came across a video from the supermodel herself and what she revealed, is something not only I but you, too, will find very #relatable. It's almost as if we're on the same planet! Who'd of thought it, hey?

In the vid that's just short of three minutes long, Bella is shown to be in bed and completely makeup-free. Now, while we've most certainly seen Bella bare all on the 'Gram once or twice before, this is the first time she's got real about facial puffiness in the morning.

"Good morning you guys. I don't know if I've said this before but I have the worst morning anxiety... wait... look how puffy my eye is...", Bella candidly says before she continues to talk through her morning affirmations routine.

Sound familiar?! Well, fear not for a puffy face in the morning is *completely* normal and it's actually caused by fluid retention that happens when sleeping at night. Many people experience this and to combat it, often use tools like a Gua Sha for lymphatic drainage.

Bella, on the other hand, actually unintentionally shared a handy beauty trick just last year that also makes for a great de-puffing hack. To counteract her swollen morning face, she relies on a bowl of ice. No, seriously! And not only that but we also had ophthalmic surgeon, Dr Elizabeth Hawkes weigh in with all the facts. You're so welcome.

So, if – like me – you really don’t want to give up on the late-night-turned-4am-TikTok-scrolling session, why not seek the benefits of cryotherapy. Though, if you forget to fill up that ice tray the night before (hi, hello, me), you may be better off using the ice spoon hack instead.

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