The Beauty Routine Lila Moss Relies on to Get Fashion Month-Ready

Lila Moss, though only 21-years-old, has quickly taken the fashion industry by storm — walking for the likes of Miu Miu, Fendi, Versace, Marc Jacobs and more all in her first four years of becoming a runway model.

She's become a certified "It" girl for her dozens of major fashion and beauty campaigns, highly coveted magazine covers and general "cool girl" attitude — an attribute passed down by her supermodel mother and established fashion icon Kate Moss. The apple especially doesn't fall far from the tree when it comes to beauty. Like her mom, Moss has become known for her soft appearance and uniquely sharp features — making her a perfect candidate for YSL Beauty's new Candy Glaze Lip Gloss campaign.

Below, Moss walks us through the various beauty regimens that help her best prepare for a long month of fashion, the number one artist on her "pump-up" playlist, her favorite not-so-secret secret beauty tips and more.

<p>Photo: Nina Westervelt/WWD via Getty Images</p>

Photo: Nina Westervelt/WWD via Getty Images

What do you press play on in the morning to wake you up?

Recently, it's been really sunny in New York and so I've been in the mood to put my records on. Usually one side of a record will be the take amount of time as my beauty routine, which is fine. Then I'll flip it.

I've been listening to a lot of The Beatles because it feels like sunshine.

Walk us through your go-to morning skin-care routine.

I use a really gentle cleanser given to me by my dermatologist. It doesn't foam or have any scent because I have quite sensitive skin, but it's really nice. It feels like I'm fully cleansing my skin without stripping it. Then I'll use a really hydrating, kind of thick moisturizer (also from my dermatologist) — especially important in this freezing winter. Sometimes I'll also do a facial spray from Caudalie. I've been using that forever.

Another thing I love to do is use 111Skin Undereye Patches for on a plane before work — anytime I feel like I want to spice up my beauty routine.

How does your skin-care routine change in preparation for fashion month?

I definitely love to do a mask. I love the 111Skin sheet masks especially. I tend to also have a facial every month just to kind of reset my skin on a regular basis, even when I'm not preparing for fashion month. I have a facialist in London named Keren Bartov and she is amazing. She has really great machines and red light therapy and I just feel really good after I go see her. For fashion month specifically, I love FaceGym. I take a little bit of time of my day to let go, relax and take my mind off of things before that intensity of fashion, which I find important.

What self-care activities or rituals do you implement into your beauty routine before a fashion show?

I've been doing a lot of icing my face lately, especially because I've been really puffy from the heating in my apartment. It feels quite meditative in a way. You have to breathe through it, I feel. I've also been using a lot of incense in hotels and my apartment. The specific scent and ritual of incense feels very calming to me. Then, I usually journal and give myself an at-home face massage (for when I don't have time to go to FaceGym).

Lila Moss walks the Versace Fall 2022 runway.<p>Photo: Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images</p>
Lila Moss walks the Versace Fall 2022 runway.

Photo: Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

On days when you're not wearing a full face of makeup, is there one product you always carry with you no matter what?

I always have at least three shades of Candy Glaze in my bag. I also usually have a Touche Éclat pen which is perfect for touching up under the eyes or addressing any red spots. It's so easy to carry around and apply in any situation. You just do a dab and it's really great coverage. It's my go-to 100%.

What are your go-to Candy Glaze shades for daytime and nighttime?

During the daytime, I love to keep it pretty natural, so I love the sheer, pink-y shade — number two. It's so plumping, has such a nice finish to it and also makes your lips feel really good. When I go into the evening, I love the cherry shade — number five. We used it during the Candy Glaze campaign shoot and it's so nice. It's a raspberry-ish shade almost. It's in between pink and red where it's still not too dark but also not too light.

Walk us through the products you use on a day when you do wear a fuller face of makeup.

Defintely my Touche Éclat pen just basically anywhere and everywhere. Then I'll curl my eyelashes, use an easy clear brow gel, some Candy Glaze in a neutral shade and maybe a little bit of bronzer. I also love to use a lip balm or anything I can find that's kind of pink-y as a blush. That's a favorite tip that everyone loves.

Are there any beauty secrets you have that people might not know about?

After curling my lashes, if I don't want to use mascara, I like to use Aquaphor. It feels especially nice in the winter when your eyes are a bit dry but it's also great for a no-makeup makeup look. It also really helps your lashes stay curled and up. We love Aquaphor.

Lila Moss walks the Fendi 25th Anniversary Celebration runway in 2022.<p>Photo: Taylor Hill/Getty Images</p>
Lila Moss walks the Fendi 25th Anniversary Celebration runway in 2022.

Photo: Taylor Hill/Getty Images

As a model, how do you prepare yourself to transform into each runway's character? What practices do you follow to come out of that character?

Before each show, I like to do the rituals that I know are mine — like using my own moisturizer, my favorite lip masks and undereye patches. To come out of character, I've started using an oil-based cleanser to take off my makeup. It's especially nice if the makeup artists had used a lot eye makeup that isn't going to come off easily.

I'm currently using Bioderma, which just melts everything away and leaves my skin feeling a bit more plump. It's a lot nicer than rubbing your face with five different cotton pads. When I finish this Bioderma cleanser I'm definitely interested in looking into other oil-based cleansers, though.

What music do you put on to get in the fashion show mindset?

Little Sims gets me excited. He's definitely on my pump-up playlist.

What's the best advice you've received about how to prepare for fashion month?

To take time out of the day for yourself, get as much sleep as possible and eat well. My dad tells me to take a lot of vitamins and a lot of ginger shots and just keep on top of my health and mental wellbeing. Stay hydrated — all of the important stuff.

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