The Beauty Breakdown: Matilda Djerf on how to achieve her signature 'longlasting' blow dry and tips for a slicked back bun

Two images of influencer Matilda Djerf
Two images of influencer Matilda Djerf (Instagram / @matildadjerf)

It's Farrah Fawcett! It's Brigitte Bardot! No, it's Matilda Djerf.

And with this level of hair mastery, it's not hard to see why the Swedish-born influencer has amassed a cult following, as has her signature bouncy blow dry. Flicky bangs, springy layers and major body: the 26-year-old Scandi It-girl has the best barnet on the internet, acting as hair muse-in-chief to her 3m Instagram followers.

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The Beauty Breakdown with… Matilda Djerf:

Matilda Djerf with her hair in a blow dry
Matilda Djerf with her hair in a blow dry

Her Beauty Philosophy 

It's therefore somewhat surprising to find out that there's no particular figure who personifies 'hair goals' in Matilda's eyes. But then, with the absence of inspiration, it makes sense that she has carved out her own super distinct trademark look – adored by legions of beauty fanatics – to fill the void.  

For those who have painstakingly tested their dexterity with a barrel brush (guilty as charged) or tossed and turned with sleep-in rollers, all in pursuit of Djerf-grade bounce, we come bearing good news.

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Last week marked the release of Djerf Avenue Beauty, a product line-up directly inspired by what Matilda felt her existing beauty arsenal was missing. The Breezy Styling Mist and the On The Go Styling Gel are the initial debut launches, with more exciting newness in the pipeline and to mark the occasion, Hello! Fashion caught up with Matilda to find out more about her current beauty obsessions…

Morning Skincare

Assortment of beauty products
(Instagram / @matildadjerf)

After waking, Matilda simply rinses her skin, saving her more in-depth skincare regime for after her morning workout. "I wash my face in the morning, before my morning workout only with water and after I will do my full routine," she explains.

It-girls supporting It-girls? We love to see it. Matilda rates products by Hailey Bieber's line. "I use and really enjoy the entire Rhode skincare line, apart from all of their products that I use daily, I also mix in Dr. Barbara Sturm serums."

"I always remove my makeup, I could never go to sleep without doing it!"

Everyday Makeup

Matilda Djerf wearing minimal makeup
(Instagram / @matildadjerf)

Matilda tends to be quite minimalist with her day-to-day makeup approach, favouring cream formulas as she finds them easy to work with and ultimately "more forgiving [than powders]", in case she wants to scale back her look.

"I prefer to use a skin tint rather than foundation, the Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint from Fenty Beauty is my favourite. Then I like to use the Bronze Balm from Merit or the Refy Cream Bronzer, I end with a cream blush. I always use the brow gel from Anastasia Beverly Hills and the Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment."

Evening Skincare

Matilda Djerf wearing a dressing gown
(Instagram / @matildadjerf)

Cleansing is a non-negotiable, instilled into Matilda by her mother. "I always remove my makeup, I could never go to sleep without doing it! I've grown up with a mom that has taught me the importance of always washing off the makeup."

"My evening routine looks very similar to my morning routine, I do usually use a heavier cream or some sort of overnight mask for hydration, I love Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask. I also love to mix in the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Exfoliator."

"Ever since getting the first sample of the Djerf Avenue Breezy Styling Mist I haven't done a blowout without it."

Hair Insider Tips...

The Bouncy Blow Dry

Matila Djerf holding a bouquet of flowers
(Instagram / @matildadjerf)

"Ever since getting the first sample of the Djerf Avenue Breezy Styling Mist I haven't done a blowout without it. I apply the spray evenly, section by section, from roots to ends on dry or damp hair before adding heat with the wand and round brush attachments of my Airwrap," Matilda says.

"I also recommend pinning up the hair and letting it sit to cool down a little while before removing the pins, this makes the blowout last so much longer."

The Cool-Girl Bun

Matilda Djerf with her hair in a sleek bun
(Instagram / @matildadjerf)

"Sometimes I like to section my hair and do the upper part last to get it really sleek. I like to use the Emi Jay Boar Bristle Brush to get my hair back and then I always go in with our Djerf Avenue On The Go Styling Gel - it is key to getting my hair in place!"