This beard hat is the ultimate secret santa present

Could this be the best secret santa gift? We think so. [Photo: Yahoo Style UK]
Could this be the best secret santa gift? We think so. [Photo: Yahoo Style UK]

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Finding the perfect secret santa gift can be a real hardship, especially when you don’t know the person very well.

Amazon is always the go-to place for all the weird and wonderful gag gifts you could possibly think of, and the online megastore has come up trumps once again.

The Rockjock Fuzz Face Beard Hat is just £3.79, which comes in way below the usual limit of £10.

It’s the perfect gift for anybody who gets a cold face, or perhaps somebody who needs their beard protected from the elements.

We all know somebody who is a bit too fond of priming their beard.

Rockjock Fuzz Face Beard Hat from Amazon | £3.79

The beard-hat combo can be detached from each other, meaning that even if they don’t want to wear the beard (why ever not?) then they can still make use of the hat. It’s hair today, gone tomorrow.

The fuzz face has had some pretty rave reviews, too.

“Was a bit of fun at Christmas and did keep me nice and warm, if you find it a bit much to wear out then the beard can be removed very easily.” One happy customer wrote.

Another content shopper said: “Bought as a gift for my hubby as a bit of a joke really, but he loves it. And it suits him!! Ideal for this cold weather and I expect it will be very well used.”

It seems the beard hat might start off as a joke, but may quickly become something a lot more permanent in the recipient’s wardrobe.

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as seeing a £3.79 novelty gift still being used years down the line.

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