Bear Grylls Says ‘Natural’ Diet of Grass-Fed Red Meat Is ‘Secret to Facing Life’s Toughest Challenges’

bear grylls' animal based diet
Bear Grylls' ‘Natural’ Diet of Red Meat and OrgansGetty Images

What Bear Grylls puts in his mouth has been the talk of the playground and the office ever since he started eating live insects, raw fish and drinking his own urine on TV in programmes like Born Survivor.

More than 10 years later and Grylls’ eating habits are still making headlines after the former vegan revealed in an interview with Louis Theroux last year that he had ditched a plant-based diet in favour of one heavy in red meat, liver and raw dairy.

Grylls recently shared further insights into his animal-based diet, revealing to his Instagram followers the ‘secrets’ behind what gives him ‘the energy to tackle some of life’s toughest challenges’.

Nutrition is key, as is resistance training, sunlight, cold water and fun community,’ Grylls wrote in the post, ‘but I feel the biggest element is fuelling my body in a way that is consistent with how evolution has shaped us over millennia: eating natural food.’

What Bear Grylls Eats in a Day

Grylls says he builds all of his meals around grass-fed red meat with good quality, grass-fed liver every few days.

‘Our ancient ancestors evolved to thrive on organ meat, like liver, blood, eggs, bone marrow, collagen, fruit, honey and raw dairy,’ he wrote. ‘The big change for my health was adding in these sort of nutrient-dense Ancestral Foods, and eliminating ultra-processed foods packed full of canola, soy or rapeseed oils.’

Grylls also says he’s also stopped eating ‘refined grains, gluten, and artificial sweeteners and green veggies that cause gut havoc’. Instead, he says he likes to ‘keep it simple’, eating a diet rich in ‘meat, eggs, fruit, honey, dairy, organs and a little potato or white rice’.

Other types of offal are also on the menu. ‘Truth is, we need more organs than just liver,’ he said. ‘We should be eating pancreas and heart and all that sort of stuff – and testicles.’

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