BBC weather star reveals when UK temperatures will rocket - ahead of 'super-heatwave'

BBC weather presenter Elizabeth Rizzini delivering a forecast
-Credit: (Image: BBC)

The British summer is never non-stop sunshine, but this year has seen the coldest of starts, with people shivering in their homes or getting drenched every time they step outside.

But the disappointing start to July isn't going to last forever, with temperatures expected to rise towards the end of this week - and there's even an end to some of the rain.

Temperatures are likely to soar towards the end of July with highs of 23C to look forward to - before what Exacta Weather has called a 'super-heatwave' rolls in next month.

BBC weather star Elizabeth Rizzini, speaking on the Corporation's long-range weather forecast, explained exactly what was in store for long-suffering Brits, with Sunday looking like the best bet for good weather.

She explained that temperatures "should rise again on Sunday of course in any sunshine" adding: "There will be some sunny spells around between those showers when it will pleasantly warm."

This backs up the Exacta weather forecast for June, ahead of what it predicts will be "some warm to hot days" in June before a period of 30C weather in July.

The service explained: "Our earlier high-confidence forecast for a major heatwave or super heatwave is still on target to develop in or around mid-July for the UK and Ireland, and temperatures could still reach as high as the mid to high 30°C mark at the peak of this."

Many Brits have been deeply unimpressed with the weather this summer, with one tweeting: "I can’t believe I’ve had my heating on twice today. In JUNE??" Another agreed: "Never, ever have I had to put the heating on in June before this year."

A third posted: "The heating hasn’t gone on, but I am sitting with a hot water bottle and go to bed with a hot water bottle AND today I’m wearing one of my winter jumpers!! Worse still there’s no end in sight!"