BBC The One Show star in hospital dash after falling ill on air 'screaming in pain'

The One Show's environment reporter Lucy Siegle was rushed to hospital after suffering severe stomach pains
The One Show's environment reporter Lucy Siegle was rushed to hospital after suffering severe stomach pains -Credit:BBC

The One Show's presenter, Lucy Siegle, was rushed to hospital after being left "screaming in pain". The TV regular suffered a kidney stone while on the popular programme and shared her painful experience with her Instagram followers. Following her scary ordeal, Lucy revealed that she had spent a terrifying night in A&E due to the severe condition.

Before the bank holiday weekend, the Surrey-based TV star found herself in extreme pain. She told her online fans: "Spent the night in A&E with kidney stones. It was brutal. But if you're going to scream in pain and throw up in public the unflappable and good-humoured @epsom_sthelier emergency staff are the people to do it with. Thanks guys," Lucy added.

Lucy, who received treatment at Epsom and St Helier Hospitals Trust, expressed her gratitude for their help. Known for her environmental journalism, Siegle often appears on the current affairs show as a host, reports the Daily Star.

After her fans expressed concern for her wellbeing, she returned to social media to provide an update. One follower asked: "Hope you aren't suffering too much with your Kidney Stones. I went through it four years ago, rushed into hospital and stent fitted.They continued: "Then several treatments of Lythotripsy later stones battered. Hope it goes well. "

To which she responded, "Thank you. Very kind. Stone sill in situ. Just had second round of litho. Pain is fine now but obvs that can change quickly.Strange scenario!"

The scary situation first kicked off when Lucy found herself gripped by excruciating abdominal pain late last month. After being rushed to A&E, doctors discovered that she was suffering from a large kidney stone and booked her in for a special treatment, lithotripsy, which uses ultrasound to try and break the stone down into smaller pieces so the body can get rid of them naturally.

Lucy is best known for her work on The One Show, where she typically offers advice and insight on the environment, with the star at the forefront of several nature protection campaigns during her career.

In addition she also regularly contributes sustainability advice for The Times, and even recently produced The True Cost for Netflix, a documentary about the cost of fast fashion on poorly paid workers overseas.

If that wasn’t impressive enough though, Lucy has also written books called Turning the Tide on Plastic: How Humanity (and you) Can Make Our Globe Clean Again and To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing out the World.