BBC EastEnders fans ‘rumble’ Nadine’s accomplice after sick pregnancy lie exposed

EastEnders fans are convinced they've rumbled Nadine Keller's heartbreaking connection to another Walford character after the truth about her fake pregnancy was revealed to viewers during Tuesday night's episode (April 23.) As regular viewers will know, former sex worker Nadine made a dramatic return to Walford recently, stirring up drama with her announcement of an unexpected pregnancy from her past fling with Jay Brown.

Understandably, the news sent shockwaves through the Square as Jay grappled with the prospect of fatherhood despite the anger of his family. However, just as Jay committed to supporting Nadine and the baby, viewers were let in on a secret: Nadine isn't actually expecting a baby at all.

EastEnders viewers were stunned to learn newcomer Nadine was using Jay and faking her pregnancy
EastEnders viewers were stunned to learn newcomer Nadine was using Jay and faking her pregnancy -Credit:BBC

In a private moment, the scheming blonde was seen conversing on a mysterious call, hinting at trouble with an unknown individual as she assured them she would pay them an undisclosed sum of money to settle a debt. The plot then thickened even further when Nadine discreetly removed a prosthetic baby bump from beneath her shirt and tucked it away out of sight from the bustling market in the first clear proof of her deception.

On the phone, Nadine assured the caller, "Yes okay, I told you, you'll get your money soon, alright?" before stashing away the fake bump and disappearing into the crowd, reports the Mirror.

Following the new development, viewers were quick to share their theories about the motive behind Nadine's cruel lie, with several fans convinced they've sussed out who Nadine was chatting with and its bad news for Jay, who stands to lose far more than just his cash. At the moment, speculation is rife that Emma Harding, the estranged mother of Jay's late wife Lola Pearce, might be the voice on the other end of the line and seeking vengeance for the part he played in their strained relationship.

One viewer speculated: "Emma is deffo blackmailing Nadine somehow."

Another chimed in with agreement: "I knew Nadine was dodgy as f**k. If Emma isn't involved then idk who is."

A third added their two cents: "Cheeky Nadine with the fake bump, is the scan pic Emma's who is carrying Phil's baby?" while another said: "I knew Nadine wasn't really pregnant. Who was she on the phone to? Emma? ? ".

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