BBC addresses future of Beyond Paradise - and confirms Christmas special

The second series of Beyond Paradise ended on Friday 27 April with another case solved by DI Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall) and his team, and also with the good news that the Shipton Abbot police station had escaped closure.

Humphrey and Martha (Sally Bretton) didn’t actually tie the knot thanks to her mother Anne (Barbara Flynn) going a bit bridezilla with the preparations and then cancelling the whole thing, but there was still romance in the air, not just between the not-married couple but also because Kelby (Dylan Llewellyn) got a sweet peck on the cheek from CS Charlie Woods (Jade Harrison) as thanks for his help in solving a crime involving her grandmother.

While the series didn’t end on a cliffhanger, there are lots of questions left to be answered, including whether Humphrey and Martha will ever make it down the aisle, and how they will progress as foster parents to Ryan, so fans will be pleased to learn this was not our final visit to the Devon paradise.

The BBC, BritBox International and Red Planet Pictures have confirmed that Beyond Paradise will return for a Christmas special later this year, followed by a third series in 2025.

The cast of Beyond Paradise
Kris Marshall and Zahra Ahmadi star in Beyond Paradise
Beyond Paradise
The cast of Beyond Paradise's second season finale -Credit:Red Planet Pictures/Joss Barratt

Tim Key, executive producer for Red Planet Pictures said: “The response to series two has been fantastic. So much love goes into the making of the show and we’re delighted that the audience have enjoyed it so much. We can’t wait to get back to Shipton Abbott for another Christmas special and series to continue the story and learn more about our characters and the town they live in - I can promise that we’ll be making the viewers laugh, cry, laugh a bit more and then baffling them with a series of ingenious puzzles.”

“There will also be a duck,” he added, referring to the bird Humphrey has befriended and named Selwyn after his former Death in Paradise boss, Commissioner Patterson.

Kris Marshall’s character Humphrey first appeared as the new detective on the island of Saint Marie in the third series of Death in Paradise, though he left the sandy beaches and sunny weather of the Caribbean to reunite with his former girlfriend Martha in London. When Beyond Paradise began in 2023, it turned out the pair had relocated to Martha’s home town of Shipton Abbott in Devon, where Humphrey joined the local police force and discovered the coastal town wasn’t as sleepy as it first appeared.