The Bay season 2 is on its way - here's what you need to know

Photo credit: Ben Blackall - ITV
Photo credit: Ben Blackall - ITV

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The Bay is coming back to ITV next year with a second series, and it’s sure to be a big a hit when the team return to the coastal town of Morecambe once more to investigate crime.

The show stars Morven Christie as police Family Liaison Officer, DS Lisa Armstrong and Daniel Ryan as DI Tony Manning and series one followed the case of a pair of missing teenagers. When season two was announced, Morven shared her excitement in a social media post.

Taheen Malik (DS Med Kharim) has promised series two is packed with surprises. "Coming back with a season two, you want to hit the audience with something new, hopefully a bit bigger,” he said. “There are a lot of shocks this season.”

Newcomer to this series, Joe Absolom, has even described it as “like Game of Thrones in Morecambe." So what exactly has series writer Daragh Carville got up his sleeve? Read on to find out more about The Bay season two...

Photo credit: Ben Blackall - ITV
Photo credit: Ben Blackall - ITV

The Bay season 2: When’s it on TV?

The Bay season two is set to air on ITV in January 2021, but pre-pandemic, it was slated for a 2020 release.

In 2019, ITV’s Head of Drama, Polly Hill said: “I am delighted with the audience response to The Bay. It’s very real and beautifully made by everyone involved, and as a result it held an audience of 7 million across 6 weeks. I think that audience will enjoy seeing where Daragh takes Lisa and the team, when they return with a new case for series 2 next year."

Photo credit: Ben Blackall - ITV
Photo credit: Ben Blackall - ITV

The Bay season 2: Who’s in it and what will it be about?

Morven Christie and Daniel Ryan will return as DS Lisa Armstrong and DI Tony Manning, alongside Taheen Modak as DC Med Karim and Imogen King and Art Parkinson as Lisa’s children Abbie and Rob.

Joining the cast are Joe Absolom (A Confession, Doc Martin), James Cosmo (His Dark Materials, The Name of the Rose, Game of Thrones), Stephen Tomkinson (DCI Banks, Trollied), Sharon Small (Trust Me, Mistresses), Sunetra Sarker (Ackley Bridge, Informer), Owen McDonnell (Killing Eve, My Mother and Other Strangers), Steven Robertson (Shetland, T2: Trainspotting), Amy James-Kelly (Safe, Military Wives Choir), Kerrie Taylor (Fallen, Where The Heart Is), Wendy Kweh (Silent Witness, Holby City) Julia Haworth (Clink,Coronation Street) and Jack Archer, making his professional screen debut.

Series two begins with Lisa Armstrong at a low ebb: forced to do menial police work whilst she watches Med go from strength to strength. But a new case involving a shocking murder within a loving family brings Lisa unexpectedly back into the front line. She must get under the skin of a new family and prove her worth; to her colleagues, to her family and to herself.

Photo credit: Ben Blackall - ITV
Photo credit: Ben Blackall - ITV

Daragh Carville said: “I’m absolutely delighted to be returning to the world of The Bay and picking up the story of police detective Lisa Armstrong, as she faces massive new challenges both at work and at home. We are welcoming back our fantastic core team from series one - led by the extraordinary Morven Christie - we’re also welcoming in a brilliant cast of new faces. And once again our story plays out against the stunning backdrop of Morecambe Bay, with its beautiful views, its dangerous tides and its hidden secrets."

Daniel Ryan, who plays DI Tony Manning said of season two: "What's the point in coming back if it's not going to be good? So ultimately, the pressure's on Daragh [Carville] to write something that's very good. And he's already got great stories in his head and he laid one out for us to deliver.

"For us, of course, the pressure is there and I'll be very disappointed if we don't get 27 million people watching it. Ultimately, that's one on Daragh's shoulders really, to make it better, but he did, so that's very clever of him."

The Bay season 2: What happened behind the scenes?

Morven Christie, who is Scottish, revealed that she speaks in a Lancashire accent on set, whether she has a scene or not.

“I very rarely get to work in my own accent so I'm quite used to working with accents,” she explained. “Obviously, I had already done one season of this so I'd worked on it already but I used an accent coach for a bit before season one.

Photo credit: VALERY HACHE - Getty Images
Photo credit: VALERY HACHE - Getty Images

"I just used lots of recorded voices from Morecambe, from people from Morecambe of various ages and kind of amalgamate them into something that felt like the right kind of age because different ages have different accent-isms in there."

"I just speak in it all the time when I'm on set, it's just easier to kind of stay in it. I think there's always a weird thing when you jump between your own accent and the accent of the character that you're working in, it all starts to feel fake.

"But if you are just doing it all the time, you're communicating as yourself in that accent, it really starts to feel like yours and it's much easier to be expressive with it in the work."

So convincing was her accent and staying in characters, her co-star Daniel Ryan (DI Tony Manning) didn’t realise she wasn’t a local: "When I first worked on the series, I thought she was [from Lancashire]... and then I met her and heard she was Scottish and was like what?!"

The Bay airs on ITV in January 2021.

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