Bartenders, What Are The Red Flags You Should Keep An Eye Out For When Trying A New Bar Or Restaurant?

Unfortunately, not all bars are created equally. Some have perfect ambiance, some have the best martini you've ever had, some are shitty but in a perfect way...and then others are just plain shitty.

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So, bartenders, we want to know what red flags customers should look out for when trying a new bar or restaurant. What are the signs that a bar might not be up to standards?

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Maybe you're a seasoned bartender who always notices when a bar uses cocktail mixes instead of fresh juices...

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Maybe you know a bar isn't going to live up to your expectations once you notice all the bottles on the shelves are dusty...

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Or maybe you simply refuse to go to a bar where the bartenders don't give a cocktail a good shake or where they don't have any bitters.

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Whatever the red flag is, we want to know it! Leave your comment below or, if you prefer to stay anonymous, feel free to use this Google form. Your response could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.