Barefaced Celebs: not so glamorous!

Barefaced Celebs: not so glamorous!

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Barefaced: Rihanna

Rihanna without makeup?

She’s an ordinary girl, with dark circles and shiny skin. For this singer, makeup is essential for showing off a velvety, even skin tone, slimming her nose, raising her cheekbones, and getting those feline eyes and a bee-stung pout.

Beauty transformation:

Rihanna must have to sit in front of a mirror for an hour and a half to go from scruffy teenager to red carpet diva.

Barefaced: Kate Moss

Katie moss without makeup?

She looks like a woman of forty with drawn features, dark shadows and a greyish complexion. Fortunately, makeup means she can restore her healthy glow and emphasise her sea green eyes.

Beauty transformation: 

She needs 45 minutes; 30 minutes to rectify a washed out complexion and get natural-looking smooth skin, and 15 minutes for opening up her eyes and intensifying their colour. Luckily, she’s got time in her schedule for all of this (as we’ve seen!).

Barefaced: Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes without makeup?

It’s fair to say her barefaced look is a little scary. Hollow cheeks, dark circles and bushy hair couldn’t be further from the look of a model beauty icon. We prefer her with her smoky black-rimmed eyes and emptying a tube of concealer before hitting the red carpet. Katie is much better with a good dose of makeup.

  Beauty transformation:   She needs an hour. From hair straightening, base, eyes and illuminator to restore her skin’s texture, Mrs Cruise knows more is better!

Barefaced: Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna


Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna without makeup?

Obviously, there is no point in spending hours getting dolled up before a workout. But there should be legal minimum! Madonna and her friend are unrecognisable. Unruly, uncombed hair, pink blotchy skin and drawn faces... no chance of turning heads in the street! Before setting foot outside, they could at least have brushed those tousled manes and put some daily moisturising cream on. You almost ask yourself if they even brushed their teeth... definitely no glamour here.

Beauty transformation:

This takes hours! They need serious cosmetic help to illuminate their faces, emphasise their eyes and give a glossy sheen to their dehydrated locks. We sympathise with the makeup team who sort these celebs out before their red carpet appearances!

Barefaced: Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone without makeup?

It’s not a total disaster when the 53 year old actress goes out with no makeup on, but she doesn’t exactly shimmer either. Sharon Stone has a pretty face and perfectly smooth skin. This secret weapon allows the celeb to go out incognito without wearing makeup. On the other hand, to transform into queen of the night, the Dior muse needs her makeup case. On the menu are bronzing powder, to show off a golden skin, black eyeliner to intensify those blue eyes and a nude lipgloss for voluptuous lips, very sexy.

Beauty transformation:

There doesn’t need to be an awful lot of work here. 20 minutes is probably enough. What will take up most time is the effort involved in concealing wrinkles and fine lines. Apart from that her makeup remains quite natural.

Barefaced: Selma Blair


Selma Blair without makeup?

Gone is the sexy, sparkly brunette. Barefaced, Selma Blair becomes a worn-out It girl, nothing special at all. It’s fair to say that if we happened to come across her in the street, we would have real trouble imagining her as a sex kitten. We would be much more likely to advise her to rethink her look!

Beauty transformation:

 If you look closely at her, Selma Blair is not a classic beauty. You can imagine that transforming her into a smouldering star on the red carpet would take some time. 1 hour 45 minutes seems about right to refine her complexion, make her eyes look velvety, enhance her lips and tame her hair.

Barefaced: Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba without makeup?

We like this celeb au naturel. She is fresh and naturally pretty. We like her makeup too with her strokes of retro eyeliner for a doe-eyed look, and fiery lips daubed in perfectly applied glossy red.

Beauty transformation:

20 minutes will be enough as with the complexion of a fresh-faced young girl, Jessica Alba only needs makeup to enhance her natural beauty.

Barefaced: Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria without makeup?

Eva Longoria is one of those celebs who are unrecognisable without makeup. The Desperate Housewives sex bomb who makes women all over the world go green with envy with her glamorous hairstyles, maximum volume eyelashes and luscious pout, becomes just an ordinary woman when you see her in everyday life. Worse, you realise that in reality she has really little eyes, a complexion with no natural radiance and drawn features. The L’Oréal Paris muse did well to associate herself with a cosmetics brand as she must get through quite a few tubes in order to metamorphose into a beauty icon...


Beauty transformation:

A minimum of two hours. With putting on false lashes, hair extensions as well as applying makeup, the actress has to spend a long time in her bathroom!

Barefaced: Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore with no makeup?

Not much to get excited about when this actress struts the pavements of New York. In fact, Drew Barrymore, who seems to have finally found her style on the red carpet, has visibly failed to master her look in everyday life. Greasy hair, washed out complexion, hit and miss sense of style... not a source of inspiration for celebrity glamour to say the least.

Beauty transformation:

To sort out her look for the red carpet must take a serious amount of time. But after all, you have to suffer to be beautiful, right?

Barefaced: Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale without makeup?

This young starlet of High School Musical fame has all the makings of an It girl: miniature dog, signature bag... but she’s forgetting one essential thing: style! In fact, with no makeup and untamed hair, the young woman gives the impression of just having got out of bed... at 4pm! A look that’s a far cry from the style she exhibits on the red carpet and couldn’t be more different from her fashion rival, Vanessa Hudgens. To keep her place in the beauty stakes, someone needs to take Ashley in hand!

Beauty transformation:

Here, it’s impossible to estimate how long it would take. Ashley Tisdale might need at least a day to get back to looking human again!

Barefaced: Cheryl Cole


Cheryl Cole without makeup?

Cheryl Cole is actually quite cute au naturel. Caramel complexion and full lips, this young woman is lovely to look at. But when this celeb walks the red carpet, she gets out the big guns: false lashes, beautifully arranged hair, glamorous eye makeup, dewy complexion and perfect pout... Result: a magical metamorphosis!

Beauty transformation:

This still takes 45 minutes. No one becomes a femme fatale just like that!

Barefaced: Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone without makeup?

Seeing Alicia Silverstone doing her shopping is a bit like seeing your next door neighbour... Not even the tiniest bit feminine, she probably hasn’t revamped her wardrobe for ten years. Except for the fact that your neighbour at least, might be lucky enough to be naturally pretty. Alicia Silverspoon without her makeup however, is the antithesis of glamour and femininity. When she appears on the red carpet afterwards, it’s a real shock! You ask yourself if it’s really the same person.

Beauty transformation:

 Wow! This girl has got some serious beauty weapons at her disposal. But it is rather reassuring to see that these celebs who dazzle us on the red carpet are, in reality, ordinary women made beautiful by so many cosmetic tricks, they can only be described as real masters of illusion.   

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