Barack Obama gets emotional as he shares story about raising Black daughters

Former President Barack Obama has made a rare confession about raising his two daughters, admitting that he knows that if they were white boys their experiences would be very different.

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Speaking on the Pod Save America podcast, that aired exclusively on SiriusXM’s Progress channel, Barack shared that he wants them to feel that as they "move through the world that they are not having to put up with nonsense".

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"As someone who has two Black daughters, I want them to feel that as they move through the world that they are not having to put up with nonsense, [like] if I had a white son - which biologically might be difficult - but that they be treated fairly [like he would be]," he told hosts Dan Pfieffer, Jon Lovett, Tommy Vietor and Jon Favreau.

He made the comments as part of a conversation about the upcoming midterm elections and the struggles the Democratic Party is facing.

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"I also think when we are talking about durable majorities we have to be able to speak to everyone about their common interests, and what works for everyone is the idea of basic equal treatment and fairness," he continued.

"That's an argument compatible with progress on social issues and economic issues. Where we get into trouble is when we suggest that some groups - because they have been historically victimized more - have a status different to other people, and we're going around scolding folks if they don't use the right phrase.

Barack appeared on the podcast

"Then identity politics becomes the principal lens through which we view our various political challenges. To me, I think that for a lot of average folks, it ends up feeling like, 'You are not speaking to me or my kids' concerns, it feels like I am excluded rather than being brought in.'"

He went on to discuss how his wife Michelle Obama often uses her 86-year-old mother as an example, sharing an analogy of how his elderly mother-in-law may still try to learn Spanish despite her age but that "sometimes the words will be wrong".


Malia and Sasha now live in LA

The politician and his wife, Michelle, are proud parents to Malia, 24, and Sasha, 21, who are now grown up, happy and healthy.

They both live together in Los Angeles, with Sasha studying at USC after transferring from University of Michigan, and Malia working in the TV industry.