These Bake Off Memes Perfectly Portray The Stress Of Episode 4

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These Bake Off Memes Perfectly Portray The Stress Of Episode 4

The Great British Bake Off 2021 is in full swing and we are absolutely thrilled to be getting to know the contestants and snoop at them on social media.

Speaking of social media... as was to be expected, Twitter and Instagram is already coming up with some incredible memes to portray how we are all feeling watching this year's Bake Off.

Week 4

"It's all the drama Mick! I just love it!"

Quiet night in, was it Amanda?

Not sure we're ready to joke about this yet...

Oh Maggie :(

The eclair paws. lol.

Judgy ol' Mummy

Well, when you put it like that, boss...

Week 3

We still can't talk about THAT night, tbh...

You're welcome, Paul.

Seriously... has anyone seen Noel?

We simply won't have it. Sorry.

We hope Richard Curtis sees this because we would 100% watch this film.

There's no two ways about it, Prue is our spirit animal.

Bravo, Italy. Bravo.

You can't unsee it either, right?

Week 2

Same. Same.

Seriously? Why do we still tune in every week?

What are you trying to say... *hiccup* ?

We must protect Jürgen at all costs.

Me? Well? You must be having a laugh.

Name a more iconic due than Freya and Noel... I'll wait.


Week 1

It's the TV crossover we never knew we needed... until now.

Separated at birth? It sure looks like it.

Decisions, decisions.

You and the rest of the UK, Greg.

We get the feeling Jürgen won't put up with Matt's tomfoolery for long.

Just when you thought everything was starting to come together...

"Go to uni," they said... "It'll be fun," they said...

It's been a tough year, okay?!

Someone's getting a pay risssssssssssse.

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