Bacon vs sausage: the butty battle winner

Bacon vs sausage: the butty battle winner

When it comes to food, we only ask the most important questions. Hence this poser: which is best – the bacon or sausage butty?

Over 1,000 votes later, you told us by quite some margin (72% of the vote, to be precise) that the bacon sandwich reigns supreme. Sausage polled 25%, with 3% of people abstaining on the grounds of their vegetarianism.

The debate also prompted some interesting comments, such as this one from 'marram': “I go for the bacon sarnie for breakfast, but a sausage sandwich is great if you are starving and want a quick fix.”

Meanwhile, 'davarn' was firmly in the bacon camp, adding: “Loads of it, slightly crispy and with whole wheat bread very lightly toasted.”

It also prompted a debate on how to stop the sausage falling out of the bread, with both Cumberland and Lorne sausages suggested as two very viable options.

Anyway, if this meaty matter is making you hungry, here are a couple of recipes to satisfy your butty cravings:

Bacon, cheese and bubble butty

Bacon, bubble and cheese butty
In this recipe, Helen Graves adds even more flavour with some bubble and squeak, which you can make from scratch, although it's even better made the day before as part of a roast dinner.


Tom Aikens' ultimate sausage sandwich

Tom Aikens' ultimate sausage sandwich
Here's a great recipe for a classic sausage sandwich, but one which uses higher welfare foods which you can find in most supermarkets.


More meaty recipes
Brian Turner’s crispy bacon with mushroom pancakes

Marcus Wareing's bacon roly-polies

Ravinder Bhogal's hot sausage roast

Rachel Allen's smoked sausage, bean and root vegetable soup