The Bachelor fans upset with producers for ‘unequal’ final dates

While the 28th season of The Bachelor came to a dramatic but satisfying conclusion with Joey Graziedei getting engaged to Kelsey Anderson after Daisy Kent eliminated herself, fans are upset at how unequal the final dates were.

Viewers claimed that Daisy, 25, got short changed after her final date with 28-year-old Joey was a stressful and awkward spiritual ceremony, while Kelsey, 25, got a relaxing couples massage.

“Daisy got a sweaty claustrophobic rock date and Kelsey is getting a full-on spa day oh this is definitely over,” wrote one person on X.

In a series first, Daisy eliminated herself before the rose ceremony, saying on the live After the Final Rose show that she noticed a look between Kelsey and Joey after 27-year-old Rachel Nance’s elimination in the penultimate episode that revealed how deep their chemistry was and that they had the stronger connection.

“Walking away was really hard, but sometimes the hard thing is the best thing,” Daisy said. “It was the best thing for all of us.”

Later, 26-year-old doctor’s assistant Jenn Trann was named as the next Bachelorette, over fan favourite Maria Georgas, and became the first Asian American woman to lead the franchise.

Jenn Tran (Disney)
Jenn Tran (Disney)

“I’m looking for someone who has a really big personality,” she said. “I’m all about having fun, I’m all about having that cheeky banter.”