'Demonic' baby monitor photo goes viral

Baby monitor on bedside table in the bedroom with the image of the baby sleeping on the screen
A non-demonic baby monitor image. [Photo: Getty]

A spooky-looking baby monitor picture has gone viral.

A still image taken of the night vision baby monitor, shared by a parent on Twitter, features her doll-like baby lying in his cot.

But there’s something peculiar about the photo: a strange shadowing effect on the infant’s face, together with a bright photographic flash effect on his eyes, left the child look really quite scary.

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“I think [the new baby monitor] was a mistake,” wrote the parent, sharing the image of her child.

Twitter users clearly agree, as the image has gained more than 400,000 likes at time of writing.

Commenting on the image on the social media platform, some people are joking that the baby looks “demonic” in the image.

One parent clarified the effect is “common” on baby monitors, while a number of users shared their own “demonic” baby pictures with scary-looking lit-up eyes.

Last month, a mother-of-two spent a sleepless night convinced there was a “ghost” baby in bed with her son before uncovering the truth the following day – and realising her husband was to blame.

Maritza Cibuls, 32, from Illinois, spotted the infant ghoul’s face staring straight at her through her 18-month-old son’s baby monitor after she put him to bed in his crib.

“I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I tried to ignore it but it was really starting to creep me out,” Maritza told Yahoo UK.

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The next morning, she realised it was because her husband had forgotten to put a mattress protector on the bed.

“Immediately, it was so obvious there was something underneath the sheet. I pulled the sheet off and saw a giant baby face printed on the sticker,” she explained.