Baby Loss Certificates Have Been Introduced In England

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Baby Loss Certificates Have Been IntroducedLaylaBird

Parents in England who have lost a baby to miscarriage before 24 weeks of pregnancy can now request a new baby loss certificate through the website.

The move, which was unveiled in July 2022 as part of the government’s women’s health strategy, is intended to help bereaved families manage the pain and trauma of their loss.

‘Losing a baby can be a hugely traumatic event and the introduction of certificates to formally acknowledge the loss of a life is a positive step towards better supporting women and parents affected,’ Victoria Atkins, the health and social care secretary, said.

Either parent of a baby who died before 24 weeks since September 2018 will be able to receive a certificate as long as they were living in England at the time and still do. In Wales, there are plans to deliver a similar scheme too.


Pregnancy loss or miscarriage before 24 weeks is the most common complication of pregnancy and is experienced by an estimated one in five women in the UK.

The government’s women’s health strategy in 2022 also included removing the barriers to IVF for female same-sex couples, updating the 'service specification' for severe endometriosis and improving the HRT supply chain for those going through menopause. The strategy also referenced the deployment of 25 new mobile breast-screening units, which the government spent £10 million funding, to the areas with the greatest challenges of uptake.

For more information on baby loss and support call Tommy's 0800 0147 800 or email

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