Baby joy! Glamour model Rhian Sugden gives birth to baby boy and says 'life is complete'

Rhian Sugden has excitedly shared with fans that she has given birth to her first child - a boy - with her actor husband Oliver Mellor.

The glamour model confirmed the news on Instagram as she shared a sweet first picture of the newborn. Alongside the photo of the baby being cooed over by Rhian and her former Coronation Street star husband, she wrote: "All my boys! My life is complete!

"Baby Mellor born 25/04/24 weighing 8lb7.

"Name still pending..."

The 37-year-old is yet to reveal her son's name whose arrival into the world comes after Rhian opened up on her IVF journey to fall pregnant.

Rhian's journey to motherhood wasn't easy as she went through multiple IVF cycles and faced the heartache of seven failed attempts at pregnancy.

Rhian and Oliver have poured a staggering £150,000 into their IVF treatments, a cost covered by her successful OnlyFans account. Despite criticism from some for funding her journey to motherhood through her risque content, Rhian has remained steadfast.

Rhian underwent IVF treatment
Rhian shares the exciting news on Instagram

In a candid chat with the Mirror last August, Rhian expressed uncertainty about what lay ahead but remained hopeful.

She shared: "Once you start talking about it loads of people get in touch which is quite nice because I've formed a little community of friends and we're all the same position. I've never met them in real life but we speak all the time on WhatsApp so that's quite nice.

"Eighth time lucky hopefully that's why I've got OnlyFans, it's expensive, it's like £15,000 per go. We had one round free with the NHS but, the other seven, not so much. In the same breath, people will mum-shame me so to speak, even though I'm not a mum for being on OnlyFans," she confessed before adding: "Well if I'm not working, I can't afford this because it's extortionate."

Rhian has given birth to a baby boy
Rhian underwent IVF treatment -Credit:@rhiansugg/Instagramers

Rhian continued: "I feel lucky to be in a position where I can earn the money to pay for stuff like this. I'm not flashy, I don't drive around in a Range Rover or anything, my money is solely going on IVF at the moment."

Rhian also told another publication that her husband Oliver "thinks it's a bizarre concept that all these men will pay to see his wife's boobs, and he gets the benefits of IVF."