Baby born without skin on almost his entire body defies doctors odds to survive

Little Kaiden Jake Shattock, is now six months old, but was born without the top layer of skin on his entire body [Photo: SWNS]

A premature baby who was born without the top layer of skin on his entire body has defied the odds to survive.

When Jessica Kibbler, 20, gave birth to her son, Kaiden Jake Shattock, ten weeks before her due date, he weighed a tiny 2lb 7oz and had undiagnosed condition which meant he was missing 98% of his epidermis - the top layer of skin.

As soon as he was born, the tiny tot was whisked away by doctors meaning Jessica and her partner Jake Shattock, also 20, had an agonising nine hours wait to see their newborn.

Describing the moment they eventually got to meet their son, Jessica, from Leamington Spa said: "When the nurses took us into the room to introduce us to Kaiden for the first time, he was red raw, like a piece of uncooked meat.

"Jake and I cried, but even the nurses left the room and cried their eyes out because they didn't know what to say to us and didn't know how else to help him.

"We'd never seen such a small baby before - and he was covered in bandages.

"The only skin he had on his body was on his face - that was the 2%."

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In fact the baby was so delicate he couldn't be held for ten days - and even then his parents could only cradle him using a mattress.

"My first reaction was total shock, to be honest," Jessica continued.

"He was this beautiful, tiny thing - and Jake and I looked at each other silently, not knowing how we were going to take care of him.

"We couldn't even him lift him properly to begin with because he was in so much pain and required life support.

Doctors warned the couple the mystery condition Kaiden was born with meant he probably wouldn't survive, but the couple vowed they would do everything they could to pull him through.

Sadly, however, the complications didn’t end there for the tot and he has since battled necrotising enterocolitis, congenitall herpes, dermolysis, and bronchiolitis due to his lack of skin and premature birth.

It took six weeks for Kaiden to finally grow skin, and during that time he couldn't wear clothes for fear it would tear his fragile body.

The tiny infant was kept in neonatal and intensive care for six weeks and was finally able to go home at 11 weeks old.

Since then he's been admitted to Warwick Hospital for emergency treatment six times, and requires oxygen every time he falls ill.

He's also been diagnosed with bilateral deafness, or hearing impairment in both ears.

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Kaiden's parents had to wait 9 hours to meet their son [Photo: SWNS]
Kaiden has defied the odds to survive [Photo: SWNS]

Miraculously, however, Kaiden’s epidermis did grow back in January, but it's very thin and fragile, and prone to tearing and scabbing.

This month he had his first skin graft and will have at least four more during the next 12 months.

Doctors are still no closer to finding out the cause of his unusual condition, and the infant’s case is now being investigated by experts abroad.

Medical experts originally speculated his skin condition was caused by a sepsis-congenital herpes condition, but have since ruled that out and are now testing for countless skin disorders.

Little Kaiden is now six months old and happier than ever! [Photo: SWNS]

But despite his various medical issues, Kaiden now weighs 9lb 7oz and his parents say he has never been better.

"He's so perceptive - he's really starting to take everything in," Jessica says.

"He laughs a lot - or he tries to, but it's hard for him because he's hard of hearing in both ears, so doesn't know how to laugh properly.

"But he's got the loveliest smile.”

"He's a very happy baby, considering - he's very content,” the new mum added.

"We don't know how long this will affect him, or if this is lifelong but we're there to look after him and to love him no matter.

"Kaiden means the world to us, and we don't think we could be happier."

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