These clever, cushioned backpacks help protect your baby's head during a tumble

These cute animal backpacks are designed to protect your baby's head [Photo: Amazon]

When a baby starts to move it’s an exciting, but anxious, time for any new parents.

From rolling over and crawling to pulling themselves up and eventually taking their first unsteady steps, each new milestone usually comes with its fair share of tumbles.

Enter a range of adorable animal backpacks that are designed to protect babies’ heads as they find their balance.

Designed to be worn just like a backpack, the bags come with adjustable straps and a built-in pillow to help lessen the impact should they fall backwards.

A bee backpack on Amazon, £7.99

£6.78 yellow bee design is one of Amazon’s best sellers, with multiple five star ratings.

One mum says: “I didn’t think this item would actually exist when I did an amazon search but I was happily surprised to find it! My little boy doesn’t mind wearing it at all, seems comfortable and light. The design is fun and colourful too. He kept falling backwards as he’s learning to walk but now this protects the back of his head! Really happy with this product and so cute!”

Another review reads: “Love this bee! Really stops my baby from banging the back of her head, as she’s currently pulling herself to stand & crawling & she kind of free falls back a lot!”

Amazon has multiple cute and kid-friendly designs for four to 36 months. From a ladybird, bumblebee, giraffe, dinosaur and panda - there’s bound to be one your child will love and you can pick one up for as little as £3.99.

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