Ayo Edebiri used clothes to 'hide' herself

Ayo Adebiri at the Golden Globe Awards credit:Bang Showbiz
Ayo Adebiri at the Golden Globe Awards credit:Bang Showbiz

Ayo Edebiri used to use clothes to "hide".

The 'Bear' actress is relishing being able to be a "chameleon" with fashion now as she has so many different opportunities to dress up, whereas in her early stand-up comedy days, she didn't want to have any focus on her appearance.

She told Sunday Times Style magazine: “For a while, as a comedian, I really wanted to hide. It was a lot of big shirts and big pants. I didn’t want anybody to imagine my body.

"Now I have more opportunities to wear clothes so I can be a bit of a chameleon. I can give people a different image when they see me casually versus when they see me on the red carpet versus when they see me as a character.”

Ayo is currently working with stylist Danielle Goldberg - who also works with the likes of Olivia Rodrigo and Greta Lee - and has taken on some important sartorial advice from her.

She explained: "[She reminds me clothes] are straight up a weapon in your arsenal, a tool for showing up and being like, I’m a woman”.

The 28-year-old actress found herself on multiple best-dressed lists thanks to the red Prada gown she wore to the Golden Globe Awards earlier this month and was very happy with her look.

She said: “It was very classic but modern and fun — it felt like me."

Meanwhile, after two seasons playing sous chef Sydney in 'The Bear', Ayo admitted everyone always wants to hear her opinions about her food when she dines out.

She admitted: “Sometimes I’m like, ‘Please can I just eat?’ ”

And the actress also regularly gets quizzed on her own prowess in the kitchen.

Asked how many times she's been asked if she can cook, she replied: “Many, and I’ll continue to be asked this."