Ayda Field Williams shares home video of daughter Teddy singing for Robbie Williams

Robbie William’s daughter Theodora, also known as Teddy, appears to have inherited his talent for music and performing.

The 10-year-old was seen playing the piano and belting out a song for her father in a new video posted by mother Ayda Field Williams on Instagram.

In the clip, posted on Monday (17 October), Teddy sings her self-written song while Williams watches on proudly and at one point she shouts: “Woo! Go Robbie!”.

Field can be heard laughing and whooping in support from behind the camera.

The Turkish-American model, who has been married to Williams since 2010, added the hashtags #gogirl and #justlikedaddy to her caption and wrote: “On tour with the Williamses.”

It marks a rare video of the couple’s children. Williams and Field share four children together, but do not share photos of them often and keep their faces turned away from the camera for privacy.

In September, Field posted a rare family photo of Teddy, Charlton, Coco and Beau, who were all engrossed in an activity where they made handprints on a wall.

The former Take That star has been careful about protecting his children’s privacy since 2014, when he discovered he and his family were followed and photographed by paparazzo during a holiday in Sardinia.

After photos of Field and then-18-month-old Teddy in swimwear were published in German newspapers, Williams said he felt “sick and violated” as the family were unaware they had been photographed.

He tweeted at the time: “So creepy, a man’s been hiding in the bushes on private property taking pics of my baby girl. We feel sick and violated.”

In a recent interview with the Sunday Times, the pop star praised his wife for letting him be “consumed” by work.

He said that as long as he isn’t using “mood-altering substances”, Field is happy to let him keep busy with “whatever I’m addicted to at the time”.