15 Useful Things You Can Build With Your Child's Lego Stash

Alison Coldridge
Editor Yahoo Style UK
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Your child may’ve outgrown his ridiculously expensive Lego supply, or just have more than he knows what to do with, but that doesn’t mean it has to go to waste.

Indulge your inner Lego geek and have a crack at these creations...

Bird Feeder
Add a pop of colour to your garden, and do your bit for nature, with this epic bird feeder. There's no set pattern - so long as you have a few extended platforms for the food to sit on you'll have done a good job.


Cake Stand
Why spend loads on a glass cake stand when you can build yourself this one?! Now all you need are some cakes to put on it... *runs to Sainsbury's*


Knife Holder
There was literally never a better use for all those Lego pieces.


Christmas Tree
You may need to be a Lego whizz to make this Christmas tree, but it would be worth every last ounce of energy.


Lamp Shade
Those Ikea lamp shades are so last year. Now it's all about amazing Lego ones.


Coffee Table
The ultimate textured table.


So pretty! And you can make it using any colour scheme you like.


Table Lamp
OK, so this may not give off a huge amount of light but it looks 10 times better than your bog standard white lamp shade.


This mirror doesn't even need building. Grab some superglue and stick random pieces to the frame of a mirror for a kooky finished effect.


Gift Box
Because who wouldn't want this Christmas presents to come in Lego boxes?


Cable Holder
Lego men have the ability to perfectly grip cables in their little plastic hands, which makes them ideal cable holders.


So simple, yet so effective.


After using this coaster/drink holder, you'll never want to hold your own drink again.


Key Holder
With this genius invention, you'll never spend time looking for your keys again.


Structurial Repair
If you're brave enough to fill in any missing wall with Lego bricks, instead of real ones, go for it - and let us know how it turns out.


Got any more suggestions? Let us know in the comments.

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