From avocado Easter eggs to egg sandwiches: Shops have upped their chocolate game this year

Why settle for a standard Easter egg this year?

January is (finally) over and February is now halfway through, which means one thing finally at the forefront of our minds is Easter.

Whether it’s the Lindt gold bunny, a huge Cadbury’s egg or just a handful of Malteser rabbits, it’s a national holiday we’re always going to remember to celebrate in some form.

But whereas we used to be satisfied with a bog-standard chocolate egg, things have now changed.

And it’s 2018, which means Easter eggs are now more extra than ever.

Because why would you settle for a boring, egg-shaped egg when you could have one shaped like something else?

The avocado egg

[photo: Waitrose]

What to buy for the chocolate-loving millennial in your life? Why not another gentle reminder that they’re spending their money on all of the wrong things? And so what could be a better Easter gift than an avocado-shaped egg? On sale at Waitrose now, the avocado-egg includes a dark chocolate shell with white chocolate ‘flesh’ and a cocoa dusted chocolate ‘stone’ egg.

Luckily (or perhaps not so luckily, depending on your level of avo obsession) the avocado egg tastes just like normal chocolate. They’re not on sale quite yet, but you can pick one up in Waitrose for £8 from 19 February.

The egg sandwich

[photo: Hotel Chocolat]

Because egg shaped Easter eggs are so 2017. Hotel Chocolat’s ‘egg-sandwich’ comes in a variety of egg-themed flavours, including caramel chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, or ‘lamb and mint’. Better yet, they come in a typical sandwich box, meaning you could possibly fool your colleagues into thinking you’re eating a standard meal deal when actually you’re snacking on a whole Easter egg more than a month early.

They’re on sale for £10 each, or three for £27 if you fancy treating all of your friends to a chocolate-egg sarnie this Easter.

The pineapple egg


Can we class this as one of our five a day? The pineapple Easter egg is almost a work of art, and at £22 almost costs the same as one, too. Made up of a ‘life-size’ block of milk chocolate, this pineapple includes chocolate buttons, golden eggs and some impressive etchings on the outside.

Handmade by a team of chocolatiers in the Somerset hills, you’ll probably never want to settle for a standard Galaxy egg after receiving one of these.

The flamingo egg


What do you mean a flamingo isn’t the first animal that springs to mind when you think of Easter? Even if it might not be the most on-trend animal for this time of year, the flamingo has made its mark in the worlds of fashion and home decor. So why not extend that to chocolate favourings, too? This chocolate flamingo Easter egg is made up of a milk chocolate hollow egg and is filled with salted caramel mini eggs.

And the pink outer layer is edible as well. Nope – it’s not foil, it’s actually a shimmering, ombré finish that we haven’t seen before on an egg. It can be bought from Artisan du Chocolat for £25.

The Easter egg tree

[photo: NotOnTheHighStreet]

Our only complaint about this Easter egg tree is that it’s not (quite) life-size, and it won’t grow back once we start to eat it. However, you can buy it in a few different sizes depending on just how much chocolate you’re planning on gorging on this Easter. The smallest size is 25cm – suitable for one person. The largest is 65cm and is ‘supposed’ to be shared between eight to 12 people…

Prices start at £24.99 for a small and go up to £99.99 for the extra-large egg. It’s also available to buy in other designs, like Creme Egg or Ferrero Rocher.

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