Get your Autumn on! 9 of the best foods to stockpile this season

The word ‘seasonal’ seems to have been hijacked by Insta foodies of late, think farmers markets selling fruit and veg in trendy wooden crates. So often we automatically assume that seasonal food = expensive. But in fact buying food that naturally grows at the time of year you’re eating it can end up saving £££. And that’s before you even get into the benefits of eating seasonally from a nutrition and taste point of view.

“Seasonal fruit and vegetables can be picked at their prime, allowing their full flavour and nutrient profile to develop, and eaten within a few days so the nutrients and flavours are retained. They can also grow naturally, requiring fewer interventions such as fertilisers and artificial temperature control,” explains Shona Wilkinson, Nutritionist at

“In contrast, produce grown in other countries and transported is often picked before it’s ready, and stored for potentially months at a time, artificially preserved with gases and cold temperatures. It’s no wonder that a lot of it tastes bland!”

What’s more, seasonal vegetables and fruits are better equipped to give our bodies what they need at the specific time of year. “For example, autumn and winter vegetables such as potatoes, parsnips and leeks are ideal for warming stews, and are often higher in carbohydrates to keep us comforted through the cold season. The more watery vegetables and fruits that tend to grow in summer are lighter and better for hydration,” Shona Wilkinson continues.

So now that the weather’s on the turn and we’re thinking of hunkering down with a good box set (or ten) it’s out with the salad and in with the comfort food. Here are the top ten seasonal delights you should be including in your diet this Autumn.

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