Audubon Nature Institute Rehabilitates 30 Cold-Stunned Sea Turtles

Staff at Audubon Coastal Wildlife Network in New Orleans, Louisiana, are rehabilitating 30 endangered sea turtles that were recently part of a “massive” cold-stunning event along the New England coast.

The cold-stunning event saw hundreds of sea turtles wash up on the beaches of Cape Cod.

Cold-stunning occurs when sea turtles, who migrate to warmer waters in the fall, don’t complete the migration in time before water temperatures drop. Symptoms of cold-stunning can include decreased heart and respiration rates, decreased circulation, and lethargy.

The turtles were rescued and taken to New England Aquarium’s sea turtle hospital and to the National Marine Life Center, where they were stabilized before last week being flown to rehabilitation facilities, including the Audubon Coastal Wildlife Network’s aquatic center, to continue treatment.

Once at the aquatic center, each turtle was given a physical examination and a swim test to determine their overall health and condition.

The Audubon Coastal Wildlife Network said they hope to begin releasing the turtles into the Gulf of Mexico in the next two months. Credit: Audubon Nature Institute via Storyful