Tyson Fury and wife Paris' unusual baby name choices and their meanings

Each of the couple's three sons have the first name 'Prince'.

Tyson Fury with his wife Paris following victory over Dillian Whyte at Wembley Stadium, London. Picture date: Saturday April 23, 2022.
Tyson Fury with his wife Paris following victory over Dillian Whyte at Wembley Stadium, London, Saturday April 23, 2022. (PA Images)

Tyson Fury's new Netflix reality show At Home with the Furys is packed with insight into his jet-setting career and life in his £1.7 million Morecambe Bay home.

But one element of the programme that's contributed to the buzz around their docuseries is the unusual monikers the World Boxing Council Heavyweight Champion and his wife, Paris, have bestowed on their children.

Baby names are always a hot topic, with many parents attempting to think outside of the box when it comes to picking the perfect choice for their child - and the Furys, who married in 2008 and share six children, have come up trumps with a unique selection.

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Tyson Fury's children's names and their meanings

Venezuela (13 years old)

Born on September 27, 2009, Venezuela Fury is the eldest child and daughter of Tyson and Paris Fury. Speaking to The Guardian in 2011, Tyson revealed he thought of his daughter’s name when sleeping.

He added that given his wife is called Paris he didn't think his first born would "fit in" if she had a "normal name".

Venezuela is the name of a country located at the northern end of South America and home to the world’s tallest waterfall.

Prince John James (eleven years old)

Prince John James is the second child and first son in the Fury family. According to Babynames, the name John is of Hebrew origin and means "God Is Gracious" and is a common English name. James also has a Hebrew origin and means Supplanter. Prince means royal son according to the Collins dictionary and describes that a prince of a particular type of work means that he is the best man doing that type of work.

Choosing Prince as his sons' first names, Tyson said in his Netflix documentary 'At Home with the Furys': "I'm a king and they're princes until they earn their rightful name."

Prince Tyson Fury II (seven years old)

Named after his father, Prince Tyson Fury II is the couple's third child. The name Tyson is of French origin and translated from the French word ‘tison’ meaning “ember” or “firebrand.” A lively and high-spirited name chosen by Fury for his second son.

Valencia Amber (five years old)

The name Valencia is a girl's name of Spanish origin meaning "brave, strong" according to Nameberry and is also the name of a Mediterranean city, the third largest in Spain. The name Amber has roots in both Arabic and Celtic languages and can mean "fierce" but can also refer to the amber-coloured jewel of the same name.

Prince Adonis Amaziah (four years old)

Prince Adonis Amaziah name is enriched in Greek mythology and biblical history. Adonis was the favourite of the goddess Aphrodite was considered an ideal youth of remarkable beauty. It is said that Aphrodite placed the baby Adonis into the care of Persephone, the queen of the underworld, who later refused to give him up.

Amaziah, means strong or of strength and four different men are named Amaziah in the Bible. The most famous one is Amaziah, who was the eighth king of Judah.

Athena (two years old)

Athena's name is derived from Greek mythology and was known as the goddess of war and daughter of Zeus, born without a mother and emerged full-grown from his forehead, according to Britannica. In an interview with OK! magazine, Tyson showed a plaque of goddess Athena highlighting why he'd chosen the name.