At 37, Michael B. Jordan's workout routine has evolved after years of pushing his body to the limit for roles

Michael B. Jordan
Michael B. Jordan knows the value of listening to one's body. (Photo illustration: Yahoo News; photo: Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images)

Michael B. Jordan isn’t losing sleep over his physique. So while other actors are known for setting early morning alarms to get their workout in, the Creed actor tells Yahoo Life he’s learned to make a quick nighttime sweat session work.

“It just depends on my schedule. I'm at the mercy of filming,” he says. “That takes a little bit of precedence over some routines. So I'll work out at night or when I get back home, just to make sure that, even though I’m tired from a day's work, I put some type of time into it.”

Training is a staple in Jordan’s routine, after growing up as an athlete and taking on an industry that he previously told Yahoo Life has taught him to “treat my body like a business.” But exercise is something that he approaches with gratitude, rather than dread.

“If I can't do what I’m normally used to when I have a free day or I have the luxury of getting up early, I try to find time somewhere in the day to do something,” he says, noting that his bare-minimum workout will include “push-ups and sit-ups, getting on a treadmill or meditation. … As long as you put in a little bit of time, it goes into your bank of goodwill.”

Jordan says that other parts of his wellness routine are just as important. “I’m 37 now and realizing as you get older your body needs different things and you have to take care of yourself. You’ve got to stretch more, you've got to make sure you're taking your vitamins, you've got to make sure you're drinking a lot of water, you've got to know you're getting enough rest. As you start to pay attention to those things and listen to your body, you start to take it a bit more seriously.”

This awareness comes to him after years of pushing his body to the limit for his work, which he still does on occasion. These days, however, he's careful not to burn himself out. “I’m out here talking like I’m not able to do a certain level of fitness,” he jokes. “But you know, with the surgeries that I’ve had and when it comes to injuries and stuff like that from sport or stunts, you’ve gotta just know that you have to warm up your shoulders, you have to warm up your knees or your ankles or certain areas that might have taken some damage over the years. And then you just put the time in.”

Putting the time in is one of the things he preaches while he continues to work with Propel Fitness Water on the Propel Your City Project, making exercise and wellness more accessible to communities across the country with the introduction of fitness hubs. The goal during his second year working with the organization is growth and expansion, he says. That’s also the motto that has guided his own evolution.

“You always strive for perfection but you understand where you land, and that’s where you are,” he says, explaining that he makes an effort to not compare his current self to his past, especially when it’s documented in years of shirtless scenes. “In my line of work, you know, there’s a visual résumé and a reflection period that is hard to kind of get away from. I think you have to give yourself grace and understanding. There’s a reality of getting older and everything’s not going to be the same and being OK with that.”

“You can’t compare yourself to the past as much as your mind might make you think you can. You’ve just got to kind of understand where you are and adjust your expectations for certain things,” he continues. “Mental strength is super important to have and not be distracted by all the noise. I think you’ve got to stay locked in on your own little journey.”