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Aspiring supermodel treats public spaces like his own personal runway: ‘YOU BETTER MANIFEST’

Fav Falone (@fav_falone), a TikTok influencer and aspiring supermodel, has been putting in work to turn his dream into a reality.

With over 46,000 followers, Fav consistently posts videos showcasing his fierce, signature walk in the most public spaces — like drugstore aisles, retail stores and crosswalks. The self-proclaimed “Runway King” has repeatedly demonstrated that any location can be a runway.

In a video posted in late January, which has 7.9 million views, Fav struts from the back to the very front of a retail store. Customers in line at the register look on as he glides past them.

“If you don’t open for YSL next fashion week we riot”

Unsurprisingly, TikTok users are impressed with both his dedication and talent.

“that guy in the back be checking you out!!” commented @spanishtiger78.


“If you don’t open for YSL next fashion week we riot,” wrote @natalie.mcm.

In a separate video, Fav casually enters a supermarket. He does his model walk for all to see.

Another video shows Fav making his way down an aisle in a drug store. He points to the camera before walking around a woman who stands in his way. She looks on, confused.

TikTokers took to the comments to share their thoughts on the hilarious interaction.

“Why you do that to her,” said @__fineassmo.

“Side eye,” wrote @auntikikii.

“Models r something else,” commented @skelobong.

“No but the way she cut the corner and kept eye contact with the camera. Ate you up bestie,” wrote @whoisjaen.

In a more recent video, Fav waits at a crosswalk with a group of people. As the light turns green, he struts with ease as pedestrians take notice.

“I’m bout to start doing the same with my 5’5″ self,” quipped @joienergy.

“You’re fire!” said @shewasick.

“your walk is relaxing to watch,” replied @missnellz0.

As Fav continues to post videos that show off his stellar walk and look, it might not be long before his dream of getting signed to an agency comes true.

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