Ashley Graham Reacts To 'Rude' Viral Hugh Grant Oscars Interview

ashley graham oscars hugh grant interview response
Ashley Graham Reacts To Viral Hugh Grant InterviewGilbert Flores - Getty Images

The 2023 Oscars were filled with news-worthy moments, from Michelle Yeoh's historic win, Rihanna's epic performance and Tems' view-blocking cloud dress to the sweet moment that Lady Gaga rushed to help a photographer who fell on the red carpet.

But the one thing we simply can't get out of our heads from the night? Ashley Graham's insanely awkward ABC pre-Oscars programme interview with Hugh Grant.

The British actor is being widely criticised for seeming 'rude' and 'dismissive' while speaking with the model during a red carpet interview. In a clip that has since gone viral, Grant can be seen giving brief, awkward answers to Graham's questions as the model worked hard to keep the conversation flowing. Grant can also be seen seemingly rolling his eyes at the end of the clip.

ashley graham oscars hugh grant interview response
Lionel Hahn - Getty Images

If you, like us, can't handle the painful awkwardness of it all, here is a brief transcript of the conversation:

Twitter, naturally, has blown up following the interview – with many calling out the actor for making it unnecessarily difficult for Graham to do her job.

And now, the model has spoken out about the whole encounter during an exclusive interview with TMZ. When asked whether there was 'any offence taken with the Hugh Grant thing' by a journalist, Graham simply responded: 'You know what, my mama told me to kill people with kindness, so there you go.'

When asked to elaborate, Graham stayed silent – but said she still 'had such a good time'. Now that's how you give a gracious interview.

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