Ashley Graham looks like a Bratz doll in her Y2K angel Halloween fit

ashley graham bob
Ashley Graham looks like a Halloween Bratz dollGetty Images

We all know that scene from Mean Girls, the one where Amanda Seyfried's character Karen, dressed in a babydoll slip, turns up ready to head out for Halloween. Met by the bemused stares of her friends, she points to the animal ears atop her head and says; "I'm a mouse, duh!".

Some of us are Team Karen and look at Halloween dressing as just another opportunity to wear something fashion-forward with a costume-y twist. And then, to continue the Mean Girls analogy, some of us are like Lindsay Lohan's Cady and ready to pull up to the party in something that's pretty committed to the spook factor.

And the same goes for celebs too! Take, for example, Kylie Jenner's Bride of Frankenstein look this year including an elaborate bandage dress, prosthetic scars and an elaborate bouffant - as well as a full black and white photo shoot. A total Team Cady moment!

When it comes to Team Karen, we have a prime candidate: super model Ashley Graham. This year, she served up a total vibe for Halloween that is giving us major flashbacks to Shelby and her posse at the masked ball in A Cinderella Story - you know, the moment where they're dressed in all white with the angel wings.

The look in question was posted by Ashley to her 19 million followers and sees her rock an adorable scoop neck, patchwork pattern blue mini dress paired with strappy white sandals, quirky costume jewellery that would make Lizzie McGuire proud and even space buns. It's basically the most Y2K glam look we've seen in a while and she looks just like a Bratz doll.

While the look in and of itself is more high fashion than it is spooky season, Ashley popped on a pair of feathery wings to make sure she was on theme because duuh, she's an angel.

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